Saturday, August 1, 2009

email to my trainer

Went 20.3, did 20 in 3 Hours 1 minute, which included water bathroom stop at 18.7, ugh. Could have gone a couple minutes faster if not for the stop.

And yes I messed up, doing the first 11 miles in 90 minutes, too fast. In my defense it was cool and a steeper downhill...there ain't no way I could have done 8 minute miles at the end in the you still have some work to do to fix my head.

My amaZing friend kept up with me, parking, biking, swapping out fuel belt bottles, all with taking care of her Dad too.. No easy task considering my erratic pace.

Now I'm at IHop where I am graciously taking her and her Dad out to breakfast. However she is paying since I also "graciously" forgot my wallet.

Here is a picture of me, sitting with my legs out in front of me at iHop. Oh, and I got new shoes. I like them a lot. No blister problems or numb left least very little numb left didn't hurt nor do the numb thing until I stopped and then tried to start again. Not cool. Must keep running. No bathroom breaks for me!


  1. Awesome shoes! Hope you got some good protein in at that IHOP :).

    You did great, Elaine. I hope it was the confidence boost you've been aiming for! You inspire me everyday with the determination you possess! Yah for you!

    Sent you a peronal "email" :)


  2. I hope one day I can be like you!