Sunday, August 23, 2009

Once More

Back out onto the dark streets at 4:02 a.m. Saturday. I picked up my Garmin, turned it on, then turned it on, then turned it on. It worked fine yesterday, but this morning no Garmin. Oh well.

I listened to my body and ran at a pace I thought I could maintain the whole distance, and I did. Other than a 3-minute ice water/bio break at mile 15, no stops, I even drank my water on the run. I took a few less S! Caps and that seemed to keep my stomach under control, though it made me weaker at the end. I made 20 miles plus some change in 4 hours and 40 minutes, about 14 minutes per mile. If I had my Garmin I probably would have run it a little faster, but maybe I wouldn't have made it the whole way, who knows?

The heat was off by about 3 degrees at the start, but about that much warmer than average at the end, so this was an OK run I guess. I'm just glad I proved to myself I could run the whole thing.

This heat combined with humidity is really something. By mile 7 or 8 my clothes are soaked as if I had jumped into Elaine's river. That includes socks and shoes. I wonder how this will all translate for St. George. What I should be hoping for is a really hot day, maybe that would even the field a little?

Now I have to figure out what to do about my Garmin, even though I now remember that it is possible to run without one. I wonder if I have to find the receipt to get my money back?

UPDATE: Just checked out the distance on the computer, and it was 20.48 miles, making my average pace 13:40, a little better. Thanks for the encouraging words, Elaine, but so far on my two marathons I have gone out too fast on each one. I am thinking slower is better, especially since you can feel so good so late in the race and have it all fall apart. Someone at church reported today that they saw me at the "end of my run". Guess I must have looked pretty bad, time to change locations. By the way, the Garmin is working now -- don't ask. One other thing, my knee killed me all the way to 16 miles, then it just went away like magic. Wonder what that is all about, not that I'm complaining.


  1. Nice run without a watch! That would've really chapped my hide...or chaffed my ________.

  2. I would love to have you pace me Mark, even if on a bike. And you are going to rock in St. George...there aint no way I could run in your heat and humidity. I was done yesterday when it got to 72, and that was without humidity. My only worry is you won't go as fast as you are able.

    BTW, you keep talking about S tabs and water...I am hoping you get some sugar in somewhere...sugar is required for adequate and proper absorption of water and sodium. ...although I have met very few runners who can stand the gels.

    On my next long run I am going to have bulging pockets of grapes along with my fuel belt and mineral tabs. I actually add salt, water and potassium salt to my sugary drinks.

    It is so important to figure out all this stuff before the marathon...I'm still trying to get it right. Yesterday I was too waterlogged.


  3. I think that heat training will assist you in St George but it will be cold at the start. I don't know how you guys do it for 20 miles. Good job.