Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blood Pressure

I seem to have been allocated a peculiar dip of Thurber blood. I've been trying to do an hour run all week, but it's hard to find a spare hour. Late last night I took the phone with me to the gym and just set it in the cup holder so I could get Tobias' telephone call. He called when I was 30 minutes in, so I took the call for five minutes and did another 30 minutes. That's my longest total running time in months, and when I got done my blood pressure was 128/78. I think that's pretty good, but I had checked it Tuesday before my run and it was 142/85--somewhere around there. I don't remember the lower number for sure. I've seen this before, where my blood pressure is higher before than after, but never quite this slanted.

I was thinking of going on a lard and cream diet to see if that helps. If it worked I could make a lot of people jealous, but if it didn't I might come in last place in the half-marathon race. Of course that might happen anyway. Decisions.


  1. Maybe the phone call in the middle of your only exercise hour made your blood pressure rise.

    If you take last place in the half-marathon, it will take away my chance for service. I was planning to do that to help everyone else feel better.

    I lied. If I take last place, I think I'll take first place in blood pressure. All that training for last place?!

  2. Wow, now that I think about it we were all competitive and still are. Maybe we out to do an ultra-marathon relay type thing, each leg about 13. Nah, I want to see if I can beat Cheryl and Elaine. Oh, and Stephen, Kerry, Mark and Sam. I don't mind if Nathan beats me because I always thought he was the best athlete among us and I would love to see him in that kind of shape.

  3. Daryl,

    What is your telephone number? Some irate lady answered the number I have for you. Email it to me, OK?

  4. That is not a wide variation in blood pressure. Mine goes from 90/60 to 150/100 in a few hours....then again, I am far from normal, heh. Blood pressure should vary a lot though.

  5. I think running is all about experimenting. We're all happy to have you be the test case for the lard and cream diet, Kerry. We'll call it the Texas Two-Step Diet, if you don't mind.

  6. Actually I decided on red meat and ice-cream. As long as I'm experimenting I may as well enjoy it.