Saturday, February 27, 2010

K, now it's my running blog until someone says hi

Elaine Dunn Started out great, Achilles pinged right on schedule, at 4.6, but it was a key run and a little ping so I kept going. Heart flipped on mile 9, very scary, also very short. Scared my water carrier son, but after a few seconds I was breathing normally, albeit very tired for the next four miles, 10+ min/mile. This is wher...e it helped to have an earlier decision: I have decided if anything happens close to what happened in Boston, I will simply slow way down until I feel better, not stop and walk. Of course I didn't pass out, was not altogether panicked, and so was able to keep going. Mile 13, still very tired and now in pain, not from Achilles but the entire skeletal area of my pelvis. I should have sped up there though. It all hurt. Something still going on with the hip bones/cartilage, maybe I should get an MRI. As usual, when I picked the speed up the last two miles, it was easier, not harder. Really struggling to find that 8:46 pace and stay on it...sometimes slowing down really doesn't help and I should have sped up once I got my breath back. My cardiologist calls it neurocardiogenic syncope. I just call it weird. But I'm happy to be home, safe, no real pain in my Achilles, and still able to walk, even before the ice bath. It's going to be okay. I guess my last amazing 20 miler was just that, amazing. And today was a bad day. Unbelievable how much variation in the way I felt between two fairly similar runs.
I wore the new Sauconys without inserts, yes I have read the book "Born to Run"....and my new Sauconys are fairly minimalist in the heel. I didn't need the extra cushy sink contributing to the Achilles pull so my problems were likely not related to my new shoes....just physiologic, unfortunately. I think my Achllles might be fine!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I was supposed to do 11, 8 at 8:51, which is still slow. However, as I was going along, my Achilles spoke to me. It said "twing!". I thought, ah that's nothing, healing pains. Then it said "twang!". Then it was fine. Then it said ""twong", followed by a "tweeng". Nothing really hurt....but I thought of all the waylaid Achilleans on the side of the marathon course...or three years after surgery when they still can't run, at least not like before. Not a key run, so I aborted. On to Saturday for the long run...and I am so excited! I got new Sauconys in the mail today. Those were my first favorite running shoes so I thought I would give them another chance. And also magic insert thingers. You know, the kind that promise renewed energy, astounding comfort, blazing speed, and, at the very least, less money in the bank account. So I put them in the Sauconys and put them on. Now I have them off, watching the Olympics with ice on the backs of my Achilles.

Very little pain, really. It has been getting better. But I am afraid of chronic. I am afraid of missing Boston and more. So I am being careful.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nathan's ITB syndrome

I think this lack of posting on the blog is all Mark's fault. Once he found his new group of real running pals on the "other" blog it all went downhill from there! And now that I think about it, it's all Elaine's fault for posting all the time when it slows down...that's teaching us we just have to wait a little longer between posting and sooner or later she'll step up again.

Alright, I'll quit with the blame game as I do actually have something to say.

I've been officially diagnosed with ITB syndrome from a doctor that I believe knows what he's talking about. Dr. Waslowski is a well known here in the valley among professional atheletes. I'm excited and frustrated all at the same time and here's why. After my original injury took place last September, I was pretty sure it was an ITB issue, then changed my mind to it being a meniscus tear, and now I'm back on the ITB band wagon due to the doctor's diagnosis. I'm excited because a know what I have and don't have. I don't have a tear, but I do have a syndrome. Webster's defines syndrome as, "1 : a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality or condition". In other words, signs and symptoms occur together that cause stress, strain and pain on my iliotibial band. Those signs and symptoms manifest themselves in my natural gait. This is where the frustrating part of my injury comes into play. ITB syndrome shows itself due to the way someone is running. I'M RUNNING WRONG!! In order to get better, I've got to alter the way my existing gait lands my body via orthotics, braces and shoes or actually change the way I run. Has anyone ever really thought about how difficult that would be. That's like asking someone to change the way they walk! I realize that form is alterable on a small scale, but to change someone's gait is not as easily done as said.

I'm going to be researching physical therapists here in the next week or two. Hopefully I find someone who puts a plan together that I can believe in, cause right now, I'm having a hard time swallowing the fact that someone can just tell me to run differently (don't overpronate) and it'll happen.

I gotta go to work now...
I like the new look, Elaine. Personally, I wouldn't mind if you posted every day. I enjoy reading Mark's daily progress.

As for me, I'm not running. I haven't since London's Run. I went to sports therapy 3 times so far. The diagnosis is ITB. I think it's starting to get better, but walking still hurts at times. Bike riding doesn't hurt, nor do push-ups, situps, and weights. I'm biding my time with those activities until I'm able to run again.

It turns out that bike riding is kind of a necessity now that we're down to one vehicle. I ride two miles down hill to work and two miles up hill to home in the evening.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's define a new start

Achilles tendonitis + plantar fascitis + 46 year old + too hard key run + ice bath + reflection = blog post.

It's time for a transformation. I fear I have scared everyone away from I will make an announcement. You don't have to run!!! I just want to keep the communication going. Tell us if you run, tell us if you don't, tell us if you think it's dumb, tell us what you think about your family.

I'm not going to be the only one posting, that is SO boring! Please chip in, tell a corny joke, tell an amazing spiritual story, be sarcastic, or just say boo, but say something.

Yesterday was Mom and Dad's anniversary. For better or for worse, for poorer or for poorest, for health or for sickness or for old or for injured, for life or for eternal torment or for ridiculously happy, we are all still here. So say something. Okay, I am being redundant. I can't just do a blog for me...I've tried, and not even I am that self-centered.