Friday, August 28, 2009


My knee has had it. My long one Saturday hurt more and more as I ran, but never got horrible. Monday I didn't run, Tuesday I ran hard on the treadmill and then again on the cardiologist's treadmill...Wednesday I didn't run...Thursday I ran a very hilly 9.3+ miler very, very slowly. The doctor has me on a new drug and it's kicking my (what's the proper word?) BUTT.

So.....anyway. On the downhill I had to go out of denial mode and walk...then limp the rest of the day. It ached so bad all day and was a little swollen this morning. It's done. At least for a few more days.

I'm a little scared. If my knee feels a lot better Monday I will go off the drug and try to run Tuesday.

Elaine in Pain


  1. does not sound good...

    instead of getting kicked in the butt why don't u just SIT on IT and REST...

    the other pain named Elaine

  2. Elaine, you always find the best pictures. At first I thought it was a furniture leg, then I saw the fur.

  3. All you need is a redneck whirlpool: Use 12 minutes at 40 degrees immediately after every run. It will freeze the !#*^*#$! out of you and the pain too.

  4. It still flares up a lot just from walking around shopping for school supplies. I think I have a bona fide overuse injury, may take some time to heal. As my new coping mechanism, now that I can not run, I am sitting here eating Oreos reading about all your running. Great job Mark. I am a firm believer in doing what you feel like and ignoring your watch sometimes. Surprisingly I sometimes run faster and with less effort overall. That was back in the day when I used to run...

  5. I did not give you permission to publish a picture of my knee. This is a severe invasion of privacy.

  6. Kerry,
    I dub you winner of the Thurber corn award