Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Real men run indoors

I'm over 40 years old, and I've got nothing left to prove, so I jumped on the treadmill at lunchtime today. I kept a very steady pace for 30 minutes. 7.6mph. I'm trying to work up to 8. The hills and rocks and birds and sunshine and nighttime all stayed far away, and I watched the miles tick by while my head was busy with how to get my security clearance resolved and how to talk (email) the PM shop into treating the soldiers right in Afghanistan. 3.82 miles and then I did a five minute cool down. My blood pressure was 148/85 after the cool down. A couple of minutes later it was 122/74. I shoved some soldiers aside and did my weights. No, really I was polite. I like soldiers. I did traps, chest and abs. I'm trying to think of a way to make this exciting, but....oh yeah! The biofreeze on my left hip burned for the first 5 minutes. Sigh. That's the best I can do.

Happy running!


  1. That's pretty fast! And thanks for your contribution. I am so flattered...now we are just missing Cheryl...and Eric?

  2. And Sam, and Michael, and Karen.

    Good job, Kerry and welcome aboard.

  3. I didn't "officially" invite Sam cuz he states he is Mr. Elliptical only, or Michael, since he doesn't "have time", or Karen, since she only marches...but I think I will, to all of the above Thurbers.

  4. I say invite them too...they'll get the bug. BTW, Karen confided in me that she might consider starting to run again....that's way on the down low though. And tell Sam that the Elliptical is for pansies and tell Michael that his time is going to run out sooner if he doesn't start running...