Monday, February 28, 2011

Running Gait Analysis

I rationalized my five mile run this morning since they would need to see any problems in my gait, more typical during the middle or end of a marathon. The run hurt, in all the same places as it did 8 weeks ago, but not nearly as much. Still depressing. Apparently I don't heal. BUT also very, very gratifying--I truly needed a run this morning. Five miles wasn't that easy after 8 weeks off, but it happened and I am still alive.

But I LOVED the gait analysis with the podiatrist. He is an avid runner and made the statement, "I see runners as runners first, patients second". This is so refreshing because so many practitioners I go to make some comment along the lines of, "Well, we are getting older, you know. You might want to consider a different sport" or, "this shouldn't affect normal day-to-day activities".  He found all sorts of stuff wrong with my gait, which to me is GREAT news since it means if I fixed even a few, I could go faster, further, with less energy, better looks, etc.

Apparently, in spite of my Amazing Arches, I am an overpronator, one leg is functionally longer than the other, I am wearing all the wrong shoes, I have bad posture, I need orthotics, my stride is too long, my legs are too good-looking, I have lost too much weight, and my million dollar check is in the mail. He also recommended lots of shoes, as in, specific brand names and models. This guy knows his shoes! I am pretty excited. I am going to get better.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Do-it-Yourself PMA at 0 Degrees

1) As is often the case, the sun is shining, brightly. And it's gorgeous!
2) Although the streets are snow-packed, the snow is more squeaky than slippery
3) Everyone understands if I "stay in" for a day
4) My boys will finally wear their long-sleeved shirts I bought them for Christmas
5) On February 25, it's almost surely true that things will be warmer from here on out
6) It's easier to get the family to gather for movies and hot chocolate
And, last but not least,
THE SUN IS SHINING! (yes I know I already said that)

Monday, February 21, 2011

"stress reaction"

It turns out the PA who called my foot problem "Frieberg's infarction/avascular necrosis" misread the MRI report. What I have is a "stress reaction", which should have healed with my SEVEN weeks off, but hasn't. So six more weeks for me. Woe is me. Methinketh my feet are reflecting the rest of me. "Stress reaction", my foot!

So here are some pictures. I just got back from Arizona. My back was hurting on one side, then the other, then my neck was hurting, badly.

Again. Here are some pictures; we had some good food especially good sushi and good Brazilian food. Meat in general tastes mediocre after Fogo de Chao. My oldest went to Brazil on his two year mission but has yet to experience the restaurant he recommended. On the other hand, we have been three times.

Tim, happy at sushi place

my new rocker bottom sandals

The four men in my life minus one in Scottsdale mall. (We didn't buy anything)

Collin at Fogo de Chao with buffet in background

Meat roasting at Fogo De Chao

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Shots from the plane, coming back from New Orleans at dawn. For me, it was a good dawn today. Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and everything seems clearer? I was in the shower and decided to reapply to Gonzaga law school, today. I can still use my LSAT score from last year. (Last year they informed me I applied too late, so I tried earlier this year). It's the only place I applied.

Oh. And I got on the treadmill today, for the first time in six weeks. I walked two miles in normal shoes, not my rocker bottom foot thingers, at a 3% incline in 36 minutes. My foot does not hurt. This is big news.

Yesterday's workout was in the pool with physical therapy. It was sweet! It was the first time I've ever done core work where I didn't feel all twisted and wrong, got a workout without pain, and felt so balanced for hours afterwords. I think I've gone from hydrophobia to hydophilia.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Early morning delirium

I took him to the airport at 4:30 am, then came home, made banana bread, homemade hash browns, and eggs for da boys, who were sleepy but grateful. (I think they were grateful? They ate it, and said thanks--when pressured). Then I did a few deep housework items, then on to the computer. And no, I am not a morning person!

And what is wrong with my left ankle? My feet are literally falling apart... It feels and acts broken and yet nothing happened. Nothing. I swear I am being good. For example, right now, I am laying on the couch catching up this blog. I take calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, trace minerals, and everything else. Hmmm, maybe it's the "everything else".