Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"tempo" run

Well, I think it's one of the first ones I actually did outside, and still not too successful.
I have dead legs...and not willing to push it too hard since I want a great quality 20 miler on Saturday.
I was supposed to do 6X 6 minutes at 8 to 8:20 a mile, two minutes recovery between, and jogging two to start and two to finish.
I started with only five hours sleep, jogging as slow as I could at the beginning for about 1.7 miles, then hit the lap button for the first 6 minutes. When I looked down after 100 steps (I have learned it takes that long for the Garmin to find my pace), I was 6:55...too fast. I kept looking down after each 100 steps but I know I ran the first interval way too fast, 8:05 being my slowest time looking down every 100 steps. The second one was more on target, as was the third...but I was dying badly so I did a four minute recovery instead of a two minute recovery and then did pace for three minutes, then recovered, then did 8:30 for about the last five minutes...not as bad. Basically I figure I did about four of the six and also shorted the jogging time.

I have all the symptoms of going too hard...headache, the runs, weakness, etc. etc. The long mileage over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were not easy at all.

So....I really think I will be fine by Saturday if I just do next to nothing as far as running, maybe jog a mile here and there. I don't want to waste the 20 miler because of dead legs.

The high mileage is more than I am trained for.

I have to sign all my posts "E", so Jill will know which ones are mine.


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