Sunday, August 16, 2009

park city

Dale took me up to Park City and we ran on a course called rails to trails that goes downstream from Park City to Coleville, 28 miles distance. We started out 6 miles out of downtown Park City running up to 7000 ft from about 6000ft.

It was my objective to get up in elevation again to work cardio and lungs harder since my legs are falling behind. Butterfield Canyon rises 2500 feet in about the same distance so I decreased my slope enough to give a welcome break to the muscles.

We averaged an invigorating 9:24 minute miles uphile and while I fell 4 1/2 minutes behind Dale on the way back to our starting point, I averaged 8:35/mile down.


  1. I'm just floored by all of these runs! If I'm doing the math right Daryl, you ran 22 miles with some serious elevation? Is that correct? And where's the picture of the red-neck whirlpool?

  2. Good run, buddy. Next time be sure and keep up with your cousin.