Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stephen runs

He doesn't jog.
First off, he gets me up before my Benadryl wears off. Then he has the oxygen shipped to Cheryl's house. Speaking of Cheryl, I think he thought I was her, or fast like her, or something. His "9 minute pace" started out at 7:15 pace. And I was most definitely still asleep. Maybe that's what it's like in the army Daryl? Your first sign you're awake is chest pain? Finally, after signs of distress from his big little sister, he asked me, "now, do you want to go 4 miles or 6?" (We had planned to go 6). So we slowed down. Or I slowed down. I think he would have left me in the dust but he was worried I wouldn't find my way home. He started telling me where the house was.

Finally, we started downhill. Now. I am good at downhill. Here's what you do. Squat down, tuck your head under, and roll. We brushed by a yard waste container, which drew blood. I was not quite to the tears yet, but I had now done the blood and sweat. FunZies! AND I could now see as the sun was starting to rise. I finally found my legs and we ended about 50 minutes later, a quarter mile short of 6 miles. After I ate a plum from his back yard I was ready to go. As in, back to bed.


  1. Whoa! Wow! He's been hiding in the woodworks. A sly fox for sure! Make sure he gets on this blog and starts being held accountable for his efforts.

  2. Sly, I am. What Elaine didn't tell you is that I was charitable enough to fill her up on chocolate the night before.

    My longest run is still 8 miles, but I'm considering a 10 mile run tomorrow. My problem is I don't like to run slowly. It hurts my pride. I don't think I'll ever get up to 26 miles, but I'm hoping to be in good shape for a half marathon in February.

    Enough about me. Elaine is great at flattering. My ego grew about double size after I found her posting. But, she had no trouble keeping up with me. She did want to start out slower, but from there, she just kept speeding up and beat me to my own home.

    Now, if this works, I will have posted my first comment on a blog. What's a blog?

  3. Stephen, don't you work in computers or something?

  4. Welcome to the blog! Blog's are places we talk about hurt backs, most embarrasing moments during a run, (Elaine has some real winners!) bragging rights, holding each other accountable, cheering each other on, plans for the future, current runs, busted plans due to injury and of course bra's for men. Don't worry, you'll fit right in!