Saturday, August 22, 2009

K, I really need to talk about this

The amazing power of intention manifested on my Garmin today, 8:19 average pace for the first 16 miles, 8:56 pace for the next four, 9:58 for the next four, 10:32 for the next two, and a slight speed up for the last .71 to 10:10, totaling 22.71 in 3:23:57. That's exactly what I was intending...just didn't expect it to be so accurate. Lesson learned. Intend a lot!

Frustrated with my pain level now though. Apparently I hung out in the river too long afterwards and elicted my cascading autoimmune response. I now have the lupus rash, the greatly magnified joint pain, the bladder pain, and everything else that goes with this irritating scenario.

BUT. I did get the long run in, probably should have done it last week but opted for the relay instead...not the best training choice but so worth it for the fun. It also pounded me too much when I did the Mt. Spokane free fall as I still felt the effects today as I ran.

Three really great parts:
1) Paul and Mitch and Collin went with me! Paul drove and then deposited drinks at the end, then grabbed Subway, then biked up per plan. (Yes I'm a control freak, especially when it is my run they are supporting). Mitch and Collin rode their bikes (yes, it's all downhill, how else do you think I could run that fast). And, the big deal? They gave me drinks. I was waterlogged most of the run, with numbered drinks for certain mile posts.

2) We ran across the panhandle of Idaho, well, 22 miles of the 72 and it was a blast. Unbelievably gorgeous, as you will see when I post some pics.
3) I got to sit in a cold river at the end and then dry out on river rocks while eating a Subway roast beef sandwich. Heaven, even if my body does seem to be allergic to UVA. Apparently the sunscreen wore off or the waterproof aspect did. Sorry about this pic...maybe you can see around me to the gorgeous area.

Overall, a very good day...but I am in so much pain I can't rest until the pain pills kick in. Next time, more sunscreen. Oh. And I won't wait 3 weeks between long runs. Oh. And I'm done with the long downhill pounding. I'll do downhill but not 18 miles of it or racing short ones either.

Thanks for listening. :)


  1. Great pictures, Elaine...and an excellent run. You gotta be happy with that. I heard through many sources that running three legs in a relay hard is the equivalent to a long run and therefore, your relay run last week was not wasted (neither for FUN or for long conditioning). You are going to have an awesome time in StG!! Woohooo. I can hardly wait for you (let's maybe try for a 20 miles though the weekend of Sept 11th, plz??. Nothing over 20).
    Great job

  2. Good run, Elaine. Sounds like you had your crew whipped into shape. Now all you need is a pacer. I don't qualify, as you will see in a minute when I post my own report.

  3. Very cool post! And great job on the run. One day I hope to be as good as you!

    Now the important part...What river was that??

    Did you know the 3-4 feet to your left, a large cutthroat trout got scared out of his lair and had to find temporaray seclusion until you cleared the scene?

    Make sure PETA does not see this photo post. You've frightened a fish and added salt and sunscreen to a pristine river!

  4. The Coeur d'Alene river, an off creek called Pine Creek. Or so I'm told. I just know it was beautiful...and yes I did think about that trout and kept throwing rocks to make it jump, but it stayed strong.

    After I got home I read safety warnings about the trail. There were many warnings against the river water and washing hands after contact with it. I didn't, but ate my Subway sandwich with my contaminated hands. It didn't look dirty...


  5. Fantastic run! I'm wishing I had your crew to help me out too. I didn't get in Echo Reservor after my run as I wanted to, no time. Maybe it was a good thing. You should call PETA and have them test that water!