Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I ran 6 miles yesterday!

It took me 60 minutes, but that's ok for me right now. My back is feeling pretty good. I'm sure I went too far too soon, but I guess I'll never learn. I'm pretty sore today.

Hey, who wants to have a run on Saturday in Eagar on September 19th (David's re-burial)? I'm sure you're all gonna have some kind of training to do prior to St. George, maybe I can tag along??


  1. Not a bad pace at all. Sure you want to pull out of St. George?

  2. Seriously Nate, you should do St George. I think you could still finish decently and there is lots of support every mile even massage people. Otherwise I might not make it.

  3. When is the St George marathon?

  4. Hey, I am trying to figure out how I can miss two military drills in a row to get down to Eagar. I have to miss work too so down a few dollars. Otherwise, Nate, I would love to do a run with you in Eagar. Last time I ran in Eagar, I saw three bald eagles.

  5. Daryl,
    If you come to Orem, you can see one bald brother. We also have not three, but four eagles in the family. But one of them is in Japan and one is moving to Florida next week. You better hurry if you want to see Jeremy and his wife and son.

    Since this is a running site, I'll tell you that I'm planning a 10.4 mile run this Saturday. I hope that will be far enough for you.

  6. Daryl,
    I sure hope you can find a way to make it to Eagar. Sounds like you got a doozy to figure out work and scheduling wise. I know I'm speaking for everyone, we'd love to have us all there.

    By the way, Stephen...I can't remember a firm committment from you. Are you coming for David's re-burial?