Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011


is not a good idea when you have Frieberg's infarction, aka avascular necrosis. But it was definitely the theme of my dreams last night.

In the first one I jumped off the bad part of my foot for the purpose of flying down the stairs. I had only just gone to sleep; my injured foot jerked upward so hard there was a shooting pain. In the second dream I decided to jump off a cliff. I landed, splat, but no shooting blood or anything gory. I ended up on the couch. My sister, or someone who was my sister but unrecognizable to me, said the top of my body looked a little off. I looked down at my legs and they looked mottled, red looking. But I could get up and walk to the mirror to see what my sister was talking about. My left shoulder, the one that bothers me, was grotesquely shifted up and pointed forward, badly broken. I don't remember any pain. I told my sister I thought we should go to the emergency room but she didn't feel like it. In my third dream I was trying to get to Meals on Wheels for my 11:00 time slot (I am actually doing that today). My husband was putting on a slide show meeting at our house for 50 of his closest colleagues. I asked him where the car was and he said he had given it to a friend. I told him I needed to make my commitment but he said he didn't have time. I spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get there, without success. I was also injured and having a hard time getting around.

So those were my dreams. That's all I'm going to say about my personal life, ha. Let's look at the bright side. I'm awake now.

On a lighter note, I am not nearly so angry and upset about my injury as I was last week when it was diagnosed. I think my body needs a break from running. It has been injured a lot lately! And I've even done a few push-ups and things to get my abs sore and gone bike riding twice.

Arizona was amazing. The sun is so beautiful after being in the northwest it took my breath away and grabbed my full attention many times. As the plane lifted off out of the GRAY northwest skies I looked anxiously out the window for a long time. It had been so cold in so many ways; I really wanted to see the sun. When I finally did I relaxed and stayed that way for a week in Arizona. I got my son to ASU in his new dorm; now I am home in the cold. And ready to jump, apparently. I've got a lot to do!