Friday, August 28, 2009

August rush

I won't bore you about how the car battery affected my 16 miler today when it died at Echo Reservoir.

Anyway, it meant that Dale got a 4 mile headstart so I hurried. The first mile was 8 minutes on my cell phone, forgot stopwatch. Then the second was 8, I felt good. The third was 10? Two more 8's. Another 10, 10, then 9. 11, now I was running with Dale. He went out 9 on his eighteen miler there and back, I went out 8. He had sore quads still from last week and so I made up two miles and it was in 8 miles.

We kicked it in gear and got several more 8's but with three miles left to go, we slowed for two miles doing a 12 and 13. The last mile I picked up the pace and I think I got at least an 8. I had finally put my cell phone in stopwatch mode but it was accidently turned off. If 2:26 doesn't jive as a final time, I didn't get my times right but that would give me an average of just over 9 minutes a mile on a fairly flat course at close to 5500 ft elevation. I am sure about the start and finish times. Maybe I can do a four hour marathon!


  1. I think you will easily do a four hour marathon. But you need more distance in, and very soon, preferably downhill.

  2. Daryl, you are laying down some serious times already. This is really great.