Sunday, August 23, 2009

Echo Reservoir

We took off up past Park City on I-80 to Coleville and Echo Reservoir Saturday to run on the Rails to Trails path. This time I planned on 14 miles and Dale planned on 16.
Dale started off a mile down the path from were I parked his car. I started about 20 minutes later right at Echo Reservoir with my 3 liter camel back that had 2 liters of watered down gatorade in it. It was 86 degrees at 3:08pm so we anticipated a warmer run. At 5:19 when I finished, it was still about the same.
The first couple of miles my right hamstring and left calf muscle were tight so I went slowly at about 11 minute pace then sped up to 9 1/2 minute miles after muscles finally warmed up. I sipped fluid purposely at every mile marker from the camelback tube which is pretty nice because you can sip in less than a second and get a quarter cup of water; no spills. Maybe it was a little too nice because at mile nine it was all gone.
Mile seven was my turn around point and I was still getting about 9 1/2 minute miles through mile 9. Mile ten was a litttle slower but at mile 11 my mouth started getting dry and I slowed even more. At mile 12 I knew I was getting dehydrated and my breathing became kind of shallow. I went about 15 minutes until mile 13 thinking that at least I was not cramping up, only 15 minutes to go. By this time I was kicking myself for not filling my camelback to capacity but weakly finished without stopping and no nausea.
Dale had a one liter camelback and as so dehydrated that he walked the last three miles.
I have never been so close to callapsing so lesson learned: 86 degrees means I need about a liter of water/gatorade for every five miles. St George, I will probably try to drink about a cup every mile.

Update: I just assumed the temperature was according to the forecast but we found out that it was 90 degrees, setting a record for Coleville on the 22nd. Salt Lake City also had a record high at 102 degrees.

Also, I am trying to keep myself down because I ran 8 miles today, 24th. I felt really good like I was starting to get in shape (imagine that!) but I ran easy and didn't time myself. Hopefully I can be judicious about my training and careful with my pace. No time to get injured at this point.


  1. My 72 oz camelback lasts about 14 and then it's gone. It totally depends on the temperature though...last year everyone grossly overhydrated, not calculating the weather. Great job though. Maybe I will have to try running in the heat...NAH!

  2. Daryl, that's another good run under your belt. Very hot temperatures to be running that far in, and you have a very nice pace. One of the main reasons for going on long runs is getting used to all the factors, knowing what is serious and what isn't. You are going to crush SGM.

  3. Good job, brother! I had planned the longest run of my life on Saturday (10.4 miles). But, at the last minute, Charles wanted me to run his school's 3 mile fun run. I did that instead. I thought I had won the race for the 50 and over crowd with a time of 23:18, but apparently one of the school teachers beat me.

    All you real runners are amazing. Please let me know when the Phoenix half-marathon is. I hope to be ready for that.

  4. Good job to you Daryl and Stephen! Daryl, don't be an idiot with the heat. It really jacked me up for a couple of weeks down here, and I didn't even realize it was happening until my low grade fever started.

    Stephen, I'm sure the guy that beat you must have cheated. That is a smokin fast 3 miles!