Saturday, August 29, 2009


K, so no pressure...but I am hoping you can commit to tell me, seeing as how I have fans knocking at my door, ahem, WHO is actually going to be in StG and who is going to want to play when? I will be there, even if I don't run, already have my tickets and room....tentatively planning on having Daryl in my room? (no pressure Daryl if you want to stay somewhere else)


  1. I will be there, I have reservations in Hurricane so I do not need a room. Would like to do dinner Saturday night, does anybody know where to reserve a table? I will have me, Clint, Jennifer and some other relatives on Marleen's side who are also running. I don't know if they are bringing kids or not, but we should get a big table or a private room somewhere.

  2. I will be there with all my boys on Saturday morning at the finish line. We will be leaving straight from St. George and headed to Afton Wyoming for the kid's fall break in school. Tami will join us later on the following weak when she gets off of work.

  3. I'm considering it. What time does the race start? I would really like to be at the finish line to see the real runners in the family. (Elaine, you are one of those.)