Monday, August 17, 2009

redneck whirlpool

Okay, if you must jump in 40 degree churning water after a run, do it this way


  1. This is so otherworldly cool. I swell with pride as I look at this marvelous piece of machinery built by a member of this blog in good standing. One bad thing about our sport is all the yuppies in it. One must fight back, one picture at a time.

  2. Daryl in the barrel - You rock!

  3. Rednecks unite!

    E, we gotta figure out how to make this photo our background for our blog for the next couple of months. I'll bet Mitch and Collin can figure it out...

  4. I already asked! It B ahhhhsum Daryl in the Barrel in Big Phat Peril (of frostbite!) K, so you aren't fat, but I used to always call you that, hoping...

  5. Yo000hooo Daryl, I need to ask you two questions.
    1) Why do you need the ice water to churn?
    2) Did you really run 22 miles at that elevation? Did you get sore? How fast did you go?

    And a statement. You look like you've lost weight. I found it.