Tuesday, August 11, 2009

daryl writes

Hey, I didn't think I could get on this blog at work but will try again.

I have had this goal of running through butterfield canyon all the way down the adjacent middle canyon ending up in Tooele.

Saturday before last me and Dale got this bright idea to get up at 4 since I had military duty and he had class. We started running at 05:10 at the base of the canyon and it was still dark so I had a small flashlight I carried and Dale had a headband light. We had no idea really what our pace was as Mark and other dark runners would know and we were running uphill to skew the rythm even more. About three miles in it was light enough to turn off the flashlights. The hill at this point gets really steep for about a half mile. Last time I died and walked at almost the base the slope. This time I kept plugging all the way to 4.2 mark. Dale in traditional style had made it up before me but the dcrease in the grade made me excited and I picked up the pace. Our goal was to run 15 minutes past 4.2. I caught Dale about 10 minutes later and we figured it was about 11 miles up and back.

The following week or last week I was really sore. We planned to run on Friday after I worked the night but not in the dark. That, we decided (all due respect Mark), was for the birds. My muscles felt pretty good. I started on the Salt Lake side of the canyon while Dale started on the Tooele side. He left the car unmercifully 14 miles and a mountain away.

So this time I was alone and I started off only to feel that my muscles were still not quite ready for the run. I started off slow and a little gingerly. I had a camelback full of gatorade and it was a cool morning. We were running west and north about 20 miles of Elaines long run. My camelback didn't work for some reason so I had to unstrap it from my back at three miles out and open the lid for a welcome drink. Then the same steep slope that had conquered me the first time was at hand. My muslces were warm and I plowed up the slope with ease. The 4.2 mark brought exhileration I passed the point we had gone to the week before and I knew I could make it another 6 or 700 feet up and a mile long to the top.

An hour and a half to rise 25oo feet and go 6.5 miles....... I had no trouble going 13 minute miles.. Not tempted at all to speed up. 5500 ft to about 7000 ft.

Now the down. It was really steep and even Dale walked a mile and a half because his heartrate was still way up even walking when he was running up. Again, my muscles cried and I went gingerly down. It was also dirt road for a mile and a half and then I got on pavement. Dale had started probably about a half hour after I did because he had to drive the distance but he still met me at my 8 mile mark. He had done 6 and really cruised on the gradually slope up to that point. So I took the keys and ran and ran.. 2 hours 48 minutes for 14 miles. Dale did his in 2 hours 21 minutes and ran two more miles before I caught up to him in the car.

I reached my goal but I think I am done with hill work for awhile. I have a new need for flat and long.


  1. Daryl, this is a really great run. It looks to me like you ran 22 with some tough hills? Is Dale entered in any marathons?

    Happy to be the dark runner in the group. I'm back to low heart rate running this week and the only way to tolerate it is to run in the dark where nobody can see.

  2. That's an incredible run. I'm afraid I'll never get there without Hal.

  3. Thanks for the post. All I can do is wish I were as good as you guys...

  4. No, only 14 miles dark runner :) Dale can't run races that start or end in a park and he has to have a supervisor with him all the time where there might be children involved.

  5. K, great job Daryl. I am so burned out this week! Help! Maybe I will be energized by my relay this weekend. Watch for pics of me careening down Mt. Spokane as the first leg in the 194 mile relay race to Sandpoint.

    It's much nicer here as far as weather, altitude, etc. But I still only eeked out 5 of my intended 12 today. Side effects of something or other. I hate being on meds.