Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am a GIRL

Everyone is reporting through email, but this blog is for that, so I will do it here.

This was an amazing race, great feeling, great weather, great surface (packed earth, slightly moist, albeit slow). However, there were numerous errors. The only hard numbers I trust come from my Garmin. Based on that, I should have ran about a 1:49 if it was a full half. And I got to meet Burt and his wife, that was so fun. I love blogs, even if I did have to use my brother to get "in" to this circle of Burt.

Now. I have read several of my brothers' race reports. They all have glaring omissions. I am barely mentioned. This is incredible, given the fact I beat all of them and I am a girl! What is up with that?!!?! There is a reason why girls get an extra half hour in the standard qualifying times for the Boston marathon. It's because we are GIRLS. We have hips that are not conducive to speed, a lack of testosterone and an abundance of estrogen which lends itself more to fat acquisition than lean muscle mass. We have families that still want the same care, whether we run or not. We have EXCUSES. We are supposed to lose to the guys....

But I beat all my brothers. Hello? I expect more than a passing mention. I fully expect all my brothers to beat me soon (especially after this race report). Hence you need to understand, London's run 2010 was an historic moment.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

key run report

I have two key runs a week. Today was one. I hope he has me tapering before next weekend though; I need to beat Mark.

Jogged the first 1.5 and the last 1.5, did the middle 7 at about 8:15 per mile...felt yucky slowing down to 8:46, which is the speed I was supposed to go. What do you think? I guess I've trained a lot on the treadmill at 8 min miles but not 8:46. No problem with 9:05, just couldn't find 8:46. A very good day, 42 degrees... and sunny, wore just a hat and little gloves and arm warmers. So nice to be outside!!!! Feels like cheating on Jan 21 in Spokane.

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Considered Response

Stephen, thanks, I think.

As to low heart rate training, if you want to do it (and I'm not saying you should), you have to be patient, there is no quick payoff. My splits the first time I did 10 miles at low heart rate were 14:02, 14:45, 15:09, 16:38, 14:57, 15:37, 15:59, 15:43, 17:00 and 16:32. That's no kidding, and that's when I started running in the dark.

I think you will get a slower time in Park City, compared to the other choices. It is a specialty marathon for people who are trying to do a lot of them or otherwise not trying to get their best time. Pretty and challenging, but you won't be as fast there. As to the others, up to you, there aren't a lot of choices in Utah. (Did you check out the Utah Valley Marathon? I have heard some good things about that one.) I still think you should be in our St. George group. That is the fastest and funnest marathon in Utah, and we can still make conference for the afternoon and evening sessions, at least we did last year. It would be fun to have a lot of Boston qualifiers in the same race from the same family.

Here's how you beat me: Buy two old beater cars, $100 each (I didn't say it was free), stage a car wreck at mile 6 of London's Run, about 45 minutes after the starting gun, and hire somebody to sit on the side of the road with fake blood on his face, asking for a lawyer instead of a doctor (another $25 bucks). You'll never see me after that.

I love how the competitive juices are starting to flow for this race. Somebody is going to get hurt. Good stuff.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still running

I'm still running through the snow. I did it six times this week, including 13.4 miles today and 40.9 miles for the week (best week yet) Mark's "Blast from the past" blog is my inspiration. I love to read it every day. I even tried low heart rate training this week. I slowed down to a very easy pace and my heart was still at 145bpm.

Any good ideas for a summer/fall marathon for my first attempt? Under consideration:
  • Salt Lake - kind of boring
  • Park City - Scenic, but maybe too difficult to start with
  • Other ideas?

Looking forward to London's Run, but somebody's got to beat Mark. What an embarassment it would be for someone as old as him to beat us all.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Trying to figure out how to make the Boston timer work. I can set it but it resets istself every time I go off the page. Help? I would also like to put on a London's run timer too.

Nothing exciting to report on the running scence, treadmill, yud. What have you all been doing? My boys have been up and down our hill all day, sledding in the road. Collin has traffic cones set up at the top and is wearing a helmet, so hopefully he won't die....