Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I found a gym


Missed yesterday's five miler due to traveling snafus; made it up today running around my house looking for a gym. I finally found the YMCA open and convinced them to give me a guest pass, after which they had me fill out all the paperwork, then informed me they were leaving for their two hour lunch break so I would have to come back later. Called Nathan in crisis, (gee, haven't I done that before???) By the time I found one (LA Fitness) it had been at least 2.5 miles of rubbernecking this way and that. I then did my key run treadmill workout (basically slow until five 3 minute bursts at 6.8 mph and 3% incline). I then jogged back home in perfect running weather, about 55 degrees, a slight breeze.

As far as the LSAT, I did get my score, 154. The good news is that the last time I took it, I beat a whopping 26% of the other test takers; this time I beat 60%. And I did as well as I was doing on most of the practice tests, which is good for the real thing, when every question was brand new. I was blessed. But I think mostly I was blessed the way I needed to be (shock, shock), which was a) to know I was loved and feel that throughout the test, and b)to not do better than my hard work merited. I could have studied longer, although not harder. My score should get me in to Gonzaga....which means my lazy aspirations of not getting in at all are probably unfounded.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

today's workout

Ran outside; it was so cold. The thermometer said 28 but there was a wind and it felt much colder. I used those "hotties" hand warmers inside my gloves and my fingers were still frozen by the time I finished running down the first hill from my house. By the time I got home my lips were so cold that talking was like after getting numbed up at the dentist.

Next time I will wear the winter tights and gloves over my gloves, My head and torso were warm enough. I don't run outside enough to know how to do it but I am learning. All next week is Arizona though!

But it was so fun getting outside, not sweating, actually going somewhere.

According to my plan I should have been finishing at 1:19:34, and that it was supposed to be "easy". I had a rough time ever being at the pace I was supposed to be as it was very hilly, so I went way faster on the downhills, (7:31) and way slower on the uphills (11+). Overall though I did it in 1:16:53, so too fast, and not easy. I was cold though and couldn't slow down much.The best news is my heart did not do the flip flop crash it often does in the shower, (neurocardiogenic syncope); I've learned to reach over and turn it much colder as soon as I start to feel symptoms and it completely fixes the problem so I don't have the hours of lethargy and near disorientation. And no need for the medication, at least not for that!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in Houston

Here is my post that I put up on the other blog this morning.

"51F, wind W 8 mph, 5.11 miles in 1:00:18, average pace 11:49/mile, low heart rate. I felt very fatigued last night, especially my legs, even though I hadn't run hard yesterday. But I got a rare 8 hours of sleep and when I ran my first mile in 12:22 I knew it would go well. My best mile was 11:30, a low heart rate record for me. The overall pace is also a record by 23 seconds per mile. Now off to the stores.

Yesterday I was at the end of a long checkout line in a sporting goods store when somebody opened a register right next to me, looked at me and said "no waiting". I was right there. Then a lady about my age (i.e., indeterminate age) started kicking up a fuss, saying she was ahead of me in the old line. I'm like what the heck, doesn't she know holiday shopping is a competitive sport? Then I realized of course she knew. She thought since I was a man I wouldn't know. Smirking here in Houston."

Merry Christmas everybody.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running Shoes

I have decided that my running shoes got a flat from one of those barbed weeds during the marathon and I need to get some more shoes before I run again. Hopefully it will get done soon and I can pound some pave. Right now, I just go ice skating because I found a really cheap family pass at the olympic oval. Is it a good idea to train Lexy how to ice skate on the "fastest ice on earth?" Last week they had the speed skating worlds and set a bunch more world records.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Long Run

OK Nathan, here is the report I posted on the other blog, it was a good run today:

"51F and misting, this weather was perfect. 22.14 miles in 3:30:00, average pace 9:29 per mile, no heart rate monitor. My goal was to run 9:30 per mile, so I made it just barely. I went for it right out of the gate. My first mile was 9:22 and my last was 9:31, fastest split was 9:08 and slowest was 9:42. Unlike some other long runs, this wasn't a steady acceleration to the end of the run. I was struggling a lot to make 9:30 the last few miles but my overall average was there, about a 4:08 marathon pace. I don't think I could have run the extra 4 miles needed for a marathon today, though. I was done, done, done by the time I quit. I finished about a mile from my house and sat down on a rock. After 10 minutes of no improvement, I felt like laying down but I knew somebody would call an ambulance if I did that. I always run with a cell phone, so I woke up my 16-year old son from his Saturday morning slumber. No one else was home, so he agreed to pick my butt off the pavement and I made it home. Yesterday morning he skipped seminary, failed to take out the trash and drove the best car to school. I was going to give him a piece of my mind but decided to exercise some restraint. Didn't realize the payoff would come so quickly.

So where does this run leave me? No clear answer as to a goal marathon pace, but I still learned a lot. I think with a proper taper I could get 4 more 9:30 miles out of these legs, but I was definitely running in risky territory today. On the other hand, nothing ventured, right? Have to take risks to improve, and I'll know when the day arrives what to do."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My latest...nothing :(

I wish I had running to report and am really jealous of all who can. I would just about do anything to go for a 5 mile run. I'm gaining weight back, and mentally don't feel as good. This is all due to my hurting right knee. I'm waiting back for the MRI results, and my family doctor thinks it's going to be a torn meniscus. He says it's no big deal. I've been around just long enough to know that's what they all say when it involves surgery. I know that's not a good train of thought to have, when that may be the only thing that helps me, but I hate surgery. I've pretty much ruled out IT band issues. The rest I've given myself has been more than enough to let that get better. Unfortunately, if anything, the symptoms have stayed the same if not actually gotten a little worse.

I don't get where Darly and Stephen are? You guys really should check into the blog and post. It can't be any more bleak than mine.

I'm ready for another Mark post as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I am baaaaaaaaack

I pounded 7.3 on the treadmill this morning in an hour and am wanting to go more. I feel so much better today.
I also have high hopes for Nathan (my LSAT teacher always said, "I have high hopes for e"...I keep hearing her voice in my head. Still. Another example? "If you see a question like this, "RUN SCREAMING INTO THE NIGHT!" (Yes she yelled it)).

Have i mentioned I am now certified ADD? yup. Had all the tests. Have the diagnosis. It didn't do any good though. They won't give me the drugs because of other medical conditions.

Which are gone today, right?

It is YOUR turn. POST.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Endless sky, endless road.

Six miles in one hour, but outside. I'll take that while I can get it as I go home in three days back to 18 degree weather with no sidewalk availability. It isn't just the cold; I don't like running in the middle of the street. So. I'm enjoying this while I can. And I am getting so out of shape! I feel like I had a hard workout, yud.

I took off past Power on Pecos this morning, just to see how far it goes. It goes! I don't know why but it's so cool to just look down a long lonely road in the middle of nowhere and know I can't see the end. It's like hope; there is a lot of work to do, and that is the good news. Maybe I'm just grateful to be alive, grateful to be running, grateful for the Arizona sun and my brother for taking care of me here. (He thinks I'm studying right now). Oh my. I could go on and on. I am grateful.