Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunday morning, I woke up with a dream of a beautiful snowfall. I could hardly believe it, until I woke up. Monday morning, I woke up and looked outside and saw the rain coming down. I was tired and not excited to get soaked. I'd rather run in the snow than the rain. But, I put on my stuff and got out and got soaked for 4.6 miles. By the time I got showered, the rain had turned to sleet. Then, at 6:00, our family sat down together and we saw my dream, but this time it was real: A beautiful snow storm, and it was sticking! By the time the morning was gone, we had two inches of snow and a huge snow man in the back yard. This was the latest measurable snow fall on record at the airport. The previous latest date was May 18. Do you think I could be a weatherman?

This morning was dry and 38 degrees and a great day for running. I ran 4.6 again at an average pace of 8:16. Taking out the first mile, my average was under 8:00 per mile. Happy day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am coachless and doing my own thing, which I don't think any coach would approve of. But I like it, and my confidence must be mine....I run very hard, but only run three days a week.

Today I added 16 treadmill miles to the mix, average pace 8:15, downhill. That totals 48 miles, a warm-up for Mark but a lot of miles in one week for me. And 30 of them around 8 min/mile pace. It's my only real training week to speak of between Boston and Utah Valley. And next week, after a long run Tuesday, I will start taper. Yes, I am sore! LOTS of downhill miles this week, in fact all but 5 of them. On the bright side, both my Achilles are very happy.

Stephen, will you hand me a frozen Fuel Belt bottle at mile 21? That would REALLY help....if you should happen to be around that area on Saturday June 12....

Friday, May 21, 2010

from Dreadmilla to the Bighilla

Obviously I have been Dreadmilla way too long and need to switch to Outdoorzy One. Went flying down Mt. Spokane the same pace as the treadmill, only to freeze my tush (and hands) OFF. I could not manage the frozen Fuel Belt bottles, much less the drinks I had hidden TOO well at the side of the road. Un-iced hernia, no drinks, not being sure I was going the right way, a sudden icy rain added to the headwind, and I was thinking bail out.
The original plan was about 22, obviously I did not make it. MUST learn to go slow at the beginning, even when presented with intoxicating downhill wonders...
Oh yeah, and I am sore, even after the ice bath. Very humbling after the whole treadmill schmeel.
I only have a few more workouts and then taper time again, even though I've basically been banned from running or tapering until a few days ago. I'm feeling it today. I got a little out of shape.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

for Stephen

I was so touched yesterday when Karen called saying Stephen has been worrying about me! It really has been extremely difficult to stop running, to contemplate not being able to reach my goal, and it is making my other health issues worse. I crash without running, I really do. Increased meds, feeling lousy, no sleep, etc. Meds don't feel good. Running is better. I've had multitudinous issues, just trying to take a week off, which is why....

I cheated. I cheated VERY safely, on the treadmill, armed with mega ice packs in just the right shape, which I started applying immmediately. I had no pain and enough compression to strangle anyone's gut into submission! By the end of the run I was sporting a very thick lump in my compression shorts. No, I did not take a picture, sorry.

I have my appointment in an hour, so if I caused any damage, (which I didn't), the surgery can still be scheduled. I want it on both sides, since I'm convinced the right side has the same problem, even though the right hernia wasn't detected on ultrasound.

Enough rationale yet? I know I took a risk. But not running has its own set of problems...

I still have the encylopedias under the back side of my treadmill. Yes, I am still longing to run 3:33:33 at UVM on June 12. So I set the treadmill for 13.1 (remember, I can stop if it gets painful or scary in any way because I am on the treadmill, not in the middle of nowhere). And then I took off. 7.5 mph for .1, then 7.6 for .4, then 7.7 for .8, then 7.8 for ten minutes, and increasing .1 mph every ten minutes. I ended at 8.7 mph, (yeah I increased it every 5 minutes the last 30 because I had a lot left). And I ran 13.1 miles on the treadmill in 1:36:35. This puts me on the board for UVM, even considering the elevation change, I hope. Unless my treadmill REALLY lies...which is possible.

I needed to do this, knowing I may not get to run UVM.

Those are all the excuses I have. I must go get ready for my appointment/judgment day.

Update: Yeeeeeeehaw! The general surgeon convinced me it is fine to run. I have a small hernia, which is why it hurts so much (it's pushing harder on the nerve because there isn't much of a hole to give it room). He does hundreds of hernia surgeries a year and only sees the strangulated scary cases maybe once a year and then only with very big hernias. He says run away, just handle the pain. Utah Valley June 12, Grand Canyon June 19-26th, and surgery July 9. Lots of ice in my future.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I should do a push-up

or two. I have been banned from running, which I haven't listened to, but which I decided to start listening to when reaffirmed by my notable physician, Dr. Lisa Bliss. Look her up. (hint, she is most notorious, but not as a doctor).

Dunno though. I'm mad. What will I do with my life if I don't run? My poor fam. Hopefully the fix will come soon. Apptmnt with surgeon Tuesday...which will hopefully lead to appointment for surgery Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, but not likely, ha.

Feeling very discouraged...sorry for the bummer post.

Progress report

I did 4 runs this week (21 miles) without any ill effects so far. My main goal is to not over-do it and get injured again. I still have a nagging hip pain and ankle pain on the left side. (The ankle pain came long before the hip pain) But, it is so minimal now that I think I'm not endangering injury by running on it.

This may all seem trivial to Mark and Elaine that are working through more significant injuries right now. Good luck to both of you as you prepare for UVM. I'm looking forward to the spectating part.

My goal is to run my first marathon on Sep 18 (Top of Utah). I think I have time to get ready. Maybe I can convince some others to go with me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

finally a speedy pain free day

8 miles in 58:45. If I could keep up this pace every day, (7:20), I would be ready to call this running fetish done for now! Downhill on treadmill, it was definitely one of those rare easy fast days. Loving that! Hernia really didn't hurt, and it is an inguinal hernia, (had ultrasound this afternoon), at least one of them. The others are possibly sports hernias but not protruding out past the abdominal wall yet. This is good news. I still have the problem of running down the cause and doing strengthening so it won't happen again. I wouldn't mind some sort of rehab, since I obviously fail in my own attempts to get a core of some sort.

The doctor will call, sounds like they may put a little mesh in there. It is reducible, which explains why it hurts so MUCH more sometimes than others.