Sunday, August 9, 2009


Due to my recent back injury, I decided to take the whole week completely off. It wasn't really a decision, but more of the fact that my back was killing me. Last night on my way to get some take out sushi, I got a text from Wallace telling me he ran for 6 miles. He got me all pumped up, so after I walked in and placed my sushi order and was told it would be a 20 minute wait, I decided to go running in my jeans, belt, t-shirt (two of them) and some horrible socks. I ran for twenty minutes really slow in 94 degree heat. I felt really good and finished by getting a gallon of water at Fry's for .60 cents. The sushi chefs asked me if I was alright when I came back into the restaurant. I told them I was just really hungry. I didn't wait much longer and I think I got bumped in front of a couple of other patrons who were patiently waiting. Hey, runners do get some benefits in this world. Kind of like blondes...

Speaking of blondes, where's Cheryl?? Is she pulling an ultimate Stephen?

At any rate, my back hurts pretty bad today...probably ran too far too soon in too much heat with too much risk of re-injury and too weak of a core due to not enough of something depending on who you ask...

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  1. Not sure what "pulling a Stephen" is but I might point out that Cheryl has lots of beautiful blonde hair and Stephen . . . . never mind.

    Way to get out there and run in the heat. I have some good stretching exercises for a bad lower back.