Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"heart" break?

FIL visit, no sleep, ran too long Saturday. I didn't think I was running too hard...but as i look back on it I did way more than an extra 5% on my miles...you're only supposed to increase your mileage by 5% a week, if you trust the RW Gods.

So I ran too hard Saturday, then slept very little Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday night. And I am not losing weight. Hmmm, sleep is important both to recovery and to losing weight. And a high cortisol level is bad for both. Valium? Oh yeah, I am trying to get off meds completely. And I've never tried Valium at all so that wouldn't be good.

I am rambling. Monday I practically asked to do Yasso's, then was only able to do 3 before having to run to the bathroom. I pretty much stayed there. By the time I came out I realized dead legs would not be benefited by a harder work out, not without sleep. Then I slept not at all last night either, then ran 8 with a friend this morning, at about 1o min/mile average. I did feel it was valuable as she keeps a relentlessly steady pace, which is the opposite of me and something I need a lot of work on.

My trainer needs to fire me. I did 3 sit-ups for my 40 minutes of core work. I will do better tomorrow!

While my friend and I were running this morning I got a phone call. If a picture says a thousand words, here is that picture!

My FIL, husband, and the son he was taking to basketball camp were in this car. He hit another car containing one passenger; that passenger happened to be a patient of his. They both reported speeds of about 25 mph. No one was visibly injured...I am sure tomorrow I will hear of sore spots here and there but nothing today. The air bags both deployed properly...everyone had insurance...Collin even made his camp on time as it was only a block away. Just more stress, for them.

We then watched a movie, full of car crashes, which made tthem jump....a lot.

As for my running, I really hope to get back at it tomorrow. Where is my health? Pericarditis pain, which was almost gone, has come back. I think sleep is needed there too.

zzzzzzzzzz, I wish.

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