Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have been struggling with a knee injury and the heat this summer. Every race or training run seems shortened because of one or the other. But I got in a good run this morning. Out the door at 5:02 a.m. for a 10-mile run, temperature 79 F, heat index 83 F. I intended to run at a 12 minute pace, since that is the pace I have been having a hard time holding for very long. I eventually want to run 20 at that pace in the heat. Anyway I succeeded for 10, here are my splits:

12:04, 11:31, 11:22, 11:21, 11:13, 11:27, 11:07, 11:21 (stopped to re-fill, did not stop my watch), 10:55, 10:19.

Negative splits, baby!

I drank Nuun, raspberry flavored. It is pretty good and I haven't gotten any stomach problems from using it, but it is kind of expensive and I am going to experiement. I have ordered S! Caps, which a lot of runners use.

No significant knee problems, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow. I am hoping to start getting in some consecutive training days so I can start improving again.


  1. And who exactly is Pops? Kerry? Mark? Daryl?

  2. I think Pops is Mark, only because I've spied on him on his family blog.
    I should mention the last run I had forgotten to buy anything so I put regular salt, that blue potassium salt and sugar in my fuel belt bottles. They were just right, tasted like dilute sweat. Except they were warm by the time I needed them.

  3. Yep, it's me, Mark. I am Pops on my other blog and my choice was to get a second name and confuse me, or confuse y'all. Easy choice.

    S! Caps are used by a lot of ultra runners for electrolyte replacement on long runs. I am looking around for something cheap that my stomach will tolerate. Straight salt doesn't do it. I'll let you know how it goes. They should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

  4. Yeah, baby - love the neg splits!
    Looking forward to today's run!
    Go Elaine Go!