Thursday, July 16, 2009


My legs were still tired at the start...and there were a ton of very slow jogger/walkers that lined up in the front I had to get around, and it was very hot. Lots of reasons to run slow. And, best of all, I wasn't stressed at all, no butterflies, just fun. I didn't want to totally jog it though because it was my only run for the day.

The good part is my two sons ran it with me! They are not runners at all...they are normal and think running is psycho. But my 15 year old stayed with me for the first mile. Then I dumped a cup of cold water on him, (did I mention it was hot?) and let him walk.
It was a very hilly course, dunno if there were any flats.

Sorry no pics. I ran to the finish in 33:32. I actually slowed down when I could see the clock, trying to get the 3:33, but didn't quite make it. Then I jogged back until I found MItch, then Collin. I finished with Collin in 1:07. I figure I went about 7 miles total.

And we bought a bunch of cherries, ate as many as we could, then got an ice cream on the way home. Good Mom times.

Oh, and Jill. I did some core work. And I am looking at the schedule every day, trying to at least make an overall week similar to the written word.

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