Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good news and bad

Before 5K (I was a little intimidated)

Final Sprint (I had too much left and was trying to impress my fam, hence I am a blur)

After 5K and more confident

It was my first 5k ever and I had an astounding kick at the end of an extremely hilly course. It was a solid 3.2, not 3.1 miles, so take off 40 seconds fromy time. Five minutes after I finished I felt great, ready to start a hard workout. Other than major tachycardia after my finishing 200 sprint, which is healthy, my heart behaved amaZingly. I heard two fireworks during my run. Oh, and I came in 257 out of 1070 runners, passing many studly looking males. Many.

Unfortunately that is all the good news. My time for 3.2 was 24:43.  I don't know what that works out per mile but it aint no 7:28.

I felt like I ran pretty hard though. I just haven't trained outside to run thAt distance.

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  1. You did Awesome!!! Congrats! I'm beaming from ear to ear! :) Happy 4th.