Wednesday, July 15, 2009

K, Jill

I did my Yasso 800s, or 800s at varying speeds averaging faster than 3:33.33 per. I was going to go to the track for an absolutely honest effort, even sunscreened up, "ready" for 80 degrees. Then I remembered an important appointment, did a U turn, showered off all the sunscreen, and went to my appointment instead. When it was done the temperature had risen 10 degrees, to I bailed on the track. Again.

So here's my report on the treadmill.
8.2mph X 1

Count 'em. That's 9. The fastest was 3:19...dunno what 8.2 is...but most were faster than 3:33, but again, we factor in a treadmill that is inaccurately too fast, and, it's a treadmill. It was hard and I rested more than 3 minutes between most of them, although never more than 5. There's my honesty report.

I will do some core stuff tonight.

Tomorrow I run the Cherry Picker's Trot at Greenbluff. It's four miles. For FUN.

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  1. K, Elaine. Thanks for the honesty post (love it when I'm on my 'puter and can get to you quickly!).

    VERY pleased you did your Yassos!! That said, slow down your intervals. No problem done on a treadmill,just set them to the required pace. I'm not surewhat the paces are based on the numbers you provided but will compute those here soon. The plan here is to fatigue and keep you running...ya know, like in a marathon when you're so tired and yet can't stop. So if we (you) slow the interval slightly, rest less between sets, I think we (you) have hit the nail. Print out plan next time, plant to your forehead, and do exactly what it says, for starters :).

    But I am really happy and smiling big for you right now! It's a learning game and it WILL all come together. Your slow run tomorrow FOR FUN will be great (is it a race?). happy for you that you got in your 800's - I hope you are happy, too.

    You and I are frightenly similar :).