Monday, July 27, 2009

You have been enlisted

To write on this blog. You know who you are, the Corny Ones.

So I ran a short long on Saturday, then I ran a longer long on the treadmill. And I walked some.
The most exciting thing occurred when I was outside, of course (The treadmill is boring). I thought I should refill my water bottles because it was getting hot, so I stopped in at the local Cenex and scared everyone with my dripping and stinkling and sunglasses and...well, just dripping. I wasn't tired though... I was doing well.

So I saw some very cold cherry Limeade Sunkist. It looked so good! So I grabbed it and a bottle of what I thought was water. It wasn't...but I didn't know that until I had dumped it all over myself in the bathroom (uh...I wasn't wet enough?). The other one I put in my four fuel belt bottles, added some water, and closed the lids. Then I left the establishment, much to the poor owner's relief. I only had one mile left and two miles before I got home so I walked and drank for a bit.

It was when I tried to start back running again that it got exciting. Have you ever shook a pop can? Now, not only was I dripping, but I was squirting from the waist. It was actually splashing up into my face and then down on the pavement. Of course it was a very busy street at a stoplight and people had nothing better to do than, (what's that word, Mark? Leer?...okay we'll go with "gape". They gaped.

So I stopped, drank some more and tried again. Same result. By the time I had finally drank enough that it didn't squirt out the lids, I was soaked and "water" logged. Even on the inside. Oh. And my heart was doing it's little slooooooow down to nothing thing again. It was a long mile and a half home. Yes Jill, I "ran" another 15 minute mile up the hill. Well. It was sort of a hill. Sort of sloped, if you look at it just right.

I did get home. I did take a shower (don't ask me why), and then I tried to drink and couldn't, so I got back on the treadmill and walked, then jogged, until I got to ten miles and my husband informed me I must stop and go to Costco with him.

The good news is I got in some extra miles I will count on this week's miles so I don't die from too much work (cough).

The bad news is I don't think I'm going to be able to stop in the middle of the marathon. Not if I want a good time. I just can't seem to get started again...except for my waist. It starts up well, like rockets except with their jets shooting out the top instead of the bottom.

Now it's your turn. You know who you are!

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  1. I wish I could have seen the whole fizzing thing. I don't know that I would have been able to stop laughing at you!