Saturday, June 27, 2009

Take 3, success

My goal was to do 14 in a 9:33 pace, without stopping. I realized yesterday I have never ran a marathon without stopping; surely I should be able to do 14 though. Usually I stop to readjust my blister pads, get a drink, or go to the bathroom. This time I planned well enough I didn't have to stop; in fact my hydration pack actually ran out 10 steps before my car in the parking lot. Good stuff. I had grapefruit juice and a vitamin juice energy turned out to be just right and I didn't feel bloated or hungry. For breakfast I ate a banana and green juice (Odwalla). I write all that down because it worked perfectly and I want to remember it for next time.

The exciting part today was at 7.2. I was just getting into the boonies of the boonies on the highest part of my run and I came up on two bikers, who both yelled at me, "BEAR!, There is a bear back there! It just ran across the street. Turn around." I looked at my Garmin and it said 7.2 so I thought, "What the heck, I will do an out and back instead." So I turned around and ran the next mile in 8 minutes. I wouldn't mind dying of a cardiac arrest on a run but I don't want my dripping hydration pack to become bear bait, really. I looked behind me a couple of times but I never saw a bear. I got to warn another biker about the bear....but I didn't get to do the long 4 mile downhill on the back side...the one that has probably saved my quads in the St. George and Boston marathons. Oh well, it all evened out.

I ended my 14 at 2:10:50, about two minutes too fast, and jogged in the last .4, thinking it was too hard for a training's hard to say. When I am going really easy I really am going 11 minutes a death jog can be around 13 or 14minutes per mile on the uphills. So, go figure. Maybe my training runs should be 9:45a mile? That won't prep me for any PR tell me. I guess we'll see how fast I can do the 5K in a week.


  1. Awesome, Elaine!!!
    Super proud. Maybe a little rest has served your legs well and they celebrating by giving you victory! Your pace is going to be all over the map due to topography, time getting your water bottles, gel (if you take any), etc.; the end pace is the ticket here. I would suggest something more solid, like oatmeal, in your stomach for runs longer than 14; something that will hold you. I don't think slowing your long run pace a few seconds to go further right now is going to deter a PR; in fact it may promote one. We'll see...I'll think abou this awhile. I'll get you something by tomorrow, in the mean time - congrats!! You gotta be beaming right now... I know I am for you!! :) Love the bear story!!

  2. I don't think this is one of the things you are suppose to bare...Glad U are safe...

    I think I have heard mixing things up is also can confuse...the body...keep the mind focused and the competitors wondering..

    You amaze me with all that you do...

  3. I'm a little disappointed in you sis...I was really hoping you would have yelled back at the bikers something to the effect of, "did you tell the bear I'm coming?!".

    Nice job on the run! I'm gonna hang on to your coat tails @ Lopez Island.