Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, someone's gotta write SOMETHIN'

I know tapers are boring. But my taper is kind of not because I have ran so little in the last several weeks due to knee stuff. So I did 14.2 on the treadmill Monday with a 2% incline, yay. Then didn't run Tuesday. Then ran 10.4 on the treadmill with a 0-5% incline (mostly around 2 though I tried to do some level to see how my knee would do). Likely won't run at all today, seeing as how I just ate SPAM (two bites) and eggs and rice and butter, yud. Down home southern cookin here.

K, so...what I really want to talk about is St. George! I couldn't find any cheap place that had availability so I'm staying at some scary place called the Red Mountain Resort and Spa, ahem. Even the name of the place makes me feel like I feel when I walk into Nordstroms, like high tailin' it outta there! Yes, I'm rambling. Haven't taken any Ritalin today either.

ANYWAY, it appears it is 8 miles from the place where we board the buses Saturday morning. And who is going at what time anyway? And will Clint's girlfriend really want to get up at 0400??? Is she going to be able to put up with me? I'm pretty high strung before and after a far. And is the expo really 2.8 miles from there...I was thinking it was a little closer to the bus boarding spot. AND, I haven't gotten a rental car yet. There is a shuttle from Las Vegas to St. George but then I would have to get from the place to the buses....

AND, last but not least, I had a very hard time after Boston traveling the next day. I am open to staying another day if the motel, er, SPA thinger, has any spaces.

AND, none of my family will come with me. If I have heart or other problems, I hope I won't be all alone in the wilderness...

End of worries. Time to get on with my day. Share yours!



  1. Shanna, our cousin lives near cedar city and has extended an invitation to all to go visit or stay. Transportation could then be by car and not bus. Shanna could be Elaines rescue along with the rest of us. It is only a two hour drive to Las Vegas to find some good relaxing places to stay after the marathon.

    That said, I ran 12 good miles down big lake road and lungs were workin' hard. Tuesday, I ran a little less than 6 miles in 50 minutes but managed to keep relaxed. Hope to get another few runs in before the day.

    With Cheryl now officially out, and Nathan, oldies are what's left. The only real inexperienced marathoner is me. Dale keeps telling me that 20 miles is the halfway point and that 20 mark still seems pretty ominous.

    What a good thing we had this weekend all getting together! And at least three of us will be running, knock on wood.

  2. I say we drag Cheryl and Nathan back in. They need to learn to be in more pain. ;0.

    Let's just pick them up, place them at the starting line, put a spinach salad with no chicken in front of Cheryl and a fish (duh!) in front of Nathan. That should work.

  3. I was so happy to finally see a post, Elaine. Been way too long. I wish I could join your posse of family running and staying at the hotel, er, sounds like a blast! What happened with Cheryl?

    I hope you call me immediately upon crossing the finish line...or at least when you find your phone and don't forget last year how the little sweat bag tags got soaked and people lost their bags; how incredibly cold it was after; and how elated you were when that magic wand read 3:58....I was as excited for your feat as I was my own!

    I'll be thinking of you every step!

  4. A fish in front of me does no good without a fishing pole...

  5. Elaine, I have three rooms in Hurricane. One of them is likely to be available on Friday night, the night you don't need one. Jennifer and Scott will probably use it on Saturday. Seems to me we should figure out a way to pick you up on Saturday morning from your hotel. We'll know where it is because we will be dropping Becky off at your place. Plus, we'll probably be late, since Clint has Friday afternoon classes. The Expo closes at 9:00, and we will be there before then.

    Cheryl is planning on finding a place to eat on Saturday night after the priesthood session, which ends at 8:00.

  6. I have the resort thinger for both Friday and Saturday, just not Sunday. I'm flying back Sunday, unless I can't walk, then I'll be scrambling for a place.

    I am going to rent a car I think...and park it by the bus loading area. That way I can just head right back to the motel if I'm having the heart thing or chills or any of the other fun things that happen when I run too long. I'll check on that now. I really hope I can be there to see everyone else finish though, and not be carted off in the ambulance. Jill thinks I should run with my cell phone, I think she's right.