Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warning: whine fest ahead

I am sitting in a hot bath with the heater on, I've been cold all day. Had a good talk with Dad. He gave Mom a bath today too, which she didn't enjoy all that much. When he was done he put her to bed and told her he loved her. She said, " I love you too, BOTH of you"
So, here's what I've been doing: Going to bed at 7, getting up at 3, yes 0300, being very good about my knee and what happens?
Aches all over, especially knee. Hurts badly. Cold all day. Blood pressure shooting up for no good reason (stent restenosed?). Cold but it isn't cold. Headache, sore throat, all of which I can handle. But my knee is really ticking me off. Why doesn't it just behave?


  1. Hi E...having a good day, huh?
    Sent yout an email yesterday, did you get? My back may have been screaming at the time and I was delirious or sumptin - who knows. I'm having some similar, yet differet, problems. Let me know when you leave and don't run anymore 'til StG! Will be thinking of you constantly! You'd better call me as soon as you have phone access!

  2. I mean, call me immediately after StG. You can, of course, call me immediately ...but for sure after your race!

  3. Elaine,
    I sure hope you have a good race and that somehow that knee holds up. What an inopportune time for the knee to hurt! I'll be thinking about you and Mark and Daryl.

  4. When are you running Stephen? Did we decide Sedona? I'm excited for you to start out ahead of me, then I pass you at mile 11, then you pass me at mile 16 and on to the finish in a time of 3:32!
    Nathan should be beating all of us to pieces by now, what with his age, past spectacular athletic achievement, amazing grit, and such. I'm thinking it's that pesky hot weather...hopefully not his heart.
    St. George weather looks absolutely perfect right now.

  5. We are running a half marathon in Queen Creek, rather than Sedona, I'm going to get everybody registered shortly.

    I ran with Byron (Marleen's brother) yesterday at the Smith Fieldhouse in Provo, round and round, six laps to the mile, we ran about an hour but didn't keep track of laps, just trying to establish a pace and get used to the altitude. Then I drove him home and he and Marci fed me dinner, then back to Jennifer and Scott's for a little bit of time with Clint and his new fiance, who still thinks she may drive down to St. George on Saturday, come to dinner and stay overnight with you, Elaine. Her mom is in town to help with wedding plans, so she may end up not coming, but it is still a possibility.

  6. E...get your normal sleep. You'll have no problem waking up on race day at the appropriate time...that's if you even sleep at all the night before. Sleep now, race later.