Friday, September 25, 2009

St. George

I've made up my mind that St. George is just not going to happen this year. If I've not improved my distance and pace by next year, I'll run just to say I did it. Until then, I've got to believe I can get a whole lot better.

That being said, I'm looking to finalize plans and to make my plans (or lack thereof) known to all the runners and spectators.

I was planning on leaving early Saturday morning and arriving at finish line to greet the runners. I'll have my boys with me, but no Tami. That will be pretty stressful in and of itself.

Mark, I heard you have an extra room? What are the details of that? The last thing I want to do is stress one of the runners out the night prior to race day with four excited boys in a hotel room! What vehicles will be there? I'll have the mini-van with room for two extra people if that can be a use to anyone. When is everyone planning on leaving? My plans for both arrival and departure are fairly open as long as the boys are complying. Stephen are you coming?


  1. I probably have an extra room for Friday night, most likely not Saturday night.

  2. I am really struggling with this because of the timing. Conference weekend is so very important to me, and so are my brothers and sisters. I really want to be at home with my family watching conference and I really want to be at the finish line to greet my brothers and sisters.

    I know that there are multiple ways to get the conference messages later, but I remain undecided. If I go, I will leave home about 4:00am and try to leave there by 2:00pm to at least make it in time for Priesthood meeting.

  3. Being a spectator can be so much fun. Although I'd rather be running, those runners need us out there cheering them on so it's nice that we pay our dues and spectate.