Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Taper...

Well since everyone else is in taper mode (apparantly that means for the blog as well) I guess I'll bore all y'all with my latest.

I am super excited about the cooler evenings and mornings that we've been privileged to here in Gilbert the past couple of weeks. Although yesterday did hit 106 degrees, by 9pm it was only 84 degrees. That meant I could go running outside at the local high school track! I also knew if was time for another long run at a moderate 10 min. per mile pace. I started out and felt great. Then at mile 2 something I felt normal when a little twinge of pain started in my right knee. I just kept running. Finally at around mile 4-5 the pain went away and I was relieved that "I ran through it". Then it came back again at around 6.5 and lasted until I finished my first ever 8 mile run! I was super excited and on the runners high with sweat dripping from my super toned masterful body as I sat down on the track to stretch and smiling the whole time. I had just ran for 80 minutes without stopping and even ran through some knee pain on top of it!

I then attempted to stand up and about fell over. My knee was screaming at me to not move or even touch it. I pretty much had to crawl back to my truck. I got home and immediately started the ice and ibuprofen. I limped into bed around midnight and couldn't sleep due to the immense pain.

I've iced twice again this morning and got a blessing. Sam thinks I probably tore my meniscus. I'm gonna try to get some sleep and keep it iced and isolated for a couple of days before I re-asses.

I gotta say though, I'm still on a little bit of a high from a new PR distance wise. My time was obviously slow compared to you jack rabbits, but my heart rate never went above 171 (zone 3-4) for my entire run. I'm pretty happy about that. Can't wait to get out and try it again...


  1. Good job....but I'm worried about your heart. Did you catch any of the fish? I know they aren't very big, but i tried.

  2. Why are you worried about my heart? As far as I know, my heart is doing pretty good. Or are you concerned about my high bpm?

  3. Not me, I'm not tapering. I tried for the fifth time to run a steady 7.8. I lasted for 27 minutes and some change. Tomorrow I'm meeting Lisa in Tucson, so I'll try again Friday.

    That sounds pretty rough with your knee. Isn't a meniscus tear pretty serious?

  4. Nathan, I don't know any anatomy but that sounds serious. Please keep us up to date. I hate the way everybody is hitting the infirmary this fall. I am at altitude now, in SLC, ran a little bit this morning up close to Hogle Zoo and back just to loosen up, about 5 miles, gonna go up to Park City tomorrow and ride a bike at high altitude, they say you can get in aerobic conditioning that way, even on a taper, without ruining your running muscles. I sure hope they are right. Kate is sick but otherwise we are doing fine.

  5. Cheryl just informed me she got results back from her MRI and actually has a complete fracture in her lower back! I tried to get more details, but the news is pretty new and she doesn't have too many answers either.

  6. I'd say you're set up for a great race, Mark. How do you like this Utah weather? It was actually pretty nice until last night. I'll be thinking about you and Daryl and Elaine. I'm sorry, but I won't be coming to St Geroge, as much as I would like to. My family comes first this time.

    I hope no one gets injured in St Geroge. I hope Nathan and Cheryl can recover too. My only injury is a strained rib from landing so hard on Kerry in Arizona. Fortunately, the X-ray didn't show a break. Kerry's muscles are too hard.