Monday, September 7, 2009

I am encouraged

So...I've been pretty freaked out about my knee, doing two a days, very slowly, on the treadmill, and still being in pain. Yes, I've also been icing and taking all the supplements. But it was time to go outside today for one last long run. (Yeah, I taper early, old age).

The two-a-days seemed to have acted a little like a taper. I was also having major heart/virus problems so they were really hard but not hard on the muscles...bottom line they served as a taper in a way and my long run today felt easier than it ever has. My heart rate is down to 51, even when my blood pressure is really high....I'm going off my meds though because usually it's too low...maybe it's all great news. I'm hoping. And I'm feeling better, at least today. I recommend more glutamine and resveratrol, if anyone is interested. :)

So first I ran four slowlly with a friend, and my knee was killing me. So I concocted up a brace with my CRX running tights, then a strap and a too big Futuro stretchy thing over that, all on my left knee. (My right knee hurts too but isn't scary). It worked pretty well! So I did the four, then applied the brace, filled the fuel bottles, went to the bathroom, then did 12.5 more, stopped and walked a bit, got bored, then ran most of the way back to the vehicle, for an overall total of about 21.

The nice thing was the end miles weren't hard and way too slow like usual. To make up for no tempo or speed work lately I tried to go faster uphill and actually hit an 8 min/mile uphill pace a couple of times. However, I slowed way down over all, doing the 21, with walks, in about 3:25. Just favoring the knee. It was a little bit of glycogen training in there too as I didn't drink or eat the first hour and a half, then I just drank a little Gatorade after I hit 16 (total).

Mostly I just feel great because I didn't die and feel the need to do the death jog on the last miles....AND, although I experienced great pain when the brace slipped, I think I can get it right and maybe even partially healed again before StG...meaning,...I think I can run StG, YAY. Probably not fast, but I hope to at least requalify for Boston, which means under four hours.


  1. Excellent job, Elaine! So glad you're so handy and can make your own brace! St. George, here you come!!! :)

  2. It's a relief to have you back in the thick of St George. Good job on the rehab and the run today. Hope that knee keeps getting better. I just loafed it today running four miles, one of them on the track after a good warmup. 6:00! I think I will do a 5k this weekend at a church event (free breakfast too).

  3. I'm impressed, Elaine, especially with the uphill running. I tried that for variety today and its pretty slow going. Good luck in St. George.

  4. What's resveratrol? Is that reverse for bad knees? I'll take some.

  5. That sounds totally awesome. I think I'm in darn good shape until I read about all my siblings. Bad for the ego.

    Nathan, resveratrol is what you get in red wine, after Elaine runs so fast that you just give up.

  6. Very impressive. You now have a demonstrated talent for sports medicine. If you want to patent that knee brace, we have an experienced intellectual property section here at my law firm. Could probably arrange for a 10% discount off our standard rates.

    Question, though. Why did you have to stop to fill up the "fuel" bottles? Were you cooking out on the trail? That might have slowed you down a little. For St. George, you may want to just bring a sandwich.