Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take Two

I know I just did it Friday, but wanted to try again today, this time with moleskin. To repeat, do not get a pedicure if you are a runner, at least not the kind where they buff off the callouses. You as a runner need your callouses. My heels cracked open too, for which I applied Super Glue, which seemed to do the trick, at least no more pain...I might die of Super Glue poisoning, but what the heck.

The moleskin worked, pretty well. But as you will see, there was a corner of the moleskin between my toes which made for quite an interesting blood blister balloon.

Basically, not that much better today. I ran for longer periods, but I got really tired after pounding down the two mile hill. I stopped for a drink at 12 miles and had an interesting conversation with the Indian lady at the gas station. "Are you walking a long ways?, Why are you running? What's that?", she said, pointing first to the King of Hearts monitor attached to my Fuel belt, then my Garmin, then asked what was in the bottles that makes me "go". She got the same look most people get on their faces...puzzlement. Upon arriving home, my son said, "why would you do this to your body"?

Bottom line is I am going to really struggle to get back to where I was even pre-St. George last year. My heart hasn't been up to par. So...I am going to keep doing the same 14 mile route every 7-10 days until I can get it down to at least an 09:30 pace.

I think my tummy might be shrinking. Not sure.

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  1. Icky blood blister! I give you a first for getting those from a pedicure. Good plan for the long run; give yourself the day off before and a quick protein snack before you head to bed the night before; both for added energy the next day. Let me know if I can help!!! Start your 14 out slower and see if you can build speed. Talk ta me soon!! xo