Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tilt and whirl

I had the tilt test this morning...and it answered some questions. My heart does do weird things. Now we know what to call it and what to do about it, which we are already doing. My latest and greatest diagnosis is neurocardiogenic syncope. But I wouldn't recommend the test if you are looking for fun. It's horrible. They strap you down, tilt you over until you get short of breath and woozy, then they tell you that you passed, sort of and they give you a drug called Isopril, which makes your heart beat like you just missed a head on collision going 90 mph by one hair width...and they keep it up forEVER while they continue to tilt you and take your blood pressure every minute and ask you questions like, "are you seeing any spots, is everything turning black, are you numb or tingling anywhere?" Torture chamber, but most people have it worse than I did, from what I hear.

1 comment:

  1. I knew u were doing the test...but didn't realize when...Sounds kinda brutal...So I guess u have a name...and can at least go from there...Hope it doesn't hold u back...U have much to explore...running and otherwise...