Thursday, June 4, 2009

0, zero, nada

As in, NO miles. And horrible diet...well, not horrible, but not what I wanted to do today.

Okay, I just deleted all my excuses. Honestly I am just being a hard case. My left knee needs a break and I gave it a break. Now, if I could just figure my head out so I don't eat too much when I am not running. Hey, I was actually supposed to rest today, right Jill?

Spent the evening in the produce department starting a new diet for second son, who thinks he is suddently going to be able to eat kale and collards and beets and pounds of romaine lettuce at college (no, he isn't fat and has a perfect body, just wants to suddenly eat healthy). So...hopefully I can help him eat some of this wonderful stuff, some good protein in there too. I suppose I walked around, a little.

Oh, and I parked far away when we went out to eat.

It will be good to get above son done with his three graduations, get him started for two weeks on his diet, and drive him to Utah to go to college.

More pics coming soon.

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  1. Yes, it was a rest day and since you did a bit more running the other day, I'm very thankful you are being a good girl and resting. Rest is fuel. Did you have any success at all following the meal plan?

    Bought a new core book for you, made copies, sending your way today!! Many of those I'm sending will be on upcoming plans. ENJOY!!!
    - J