Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today while the sun shone

I ran on the treadmill. Hey, but I ran outside yesterday, in Idaho Falls, around the park that goes around the temple for about 3 miles. It was gorgeous, the Falls were literally roaring with new water. There was an icy wind that felt just fine and I went fast, a perfect driving break. I bought a book on tape there too and listened and drove the last 8 hours of my trip alone. I love long trips, driving alone.

But back to today. I ran out of time this morning so I pounded out 3 miles. I need to change the way I run. I never do a steady pace, too bored. For example, on the 3 miles I did from 6 to 8 mph, with shorter and shorter times as the speed went up, until 8, which I held for a minute or so. Then this evening, for the 5 miler, I jumped on the treadmill and did the inverse, running longer at the faster speeds and ending up doing 5 miles in 37 minutes, with the middle 3 the fastest. I guess that would be called a tempo run, but I was just doing what I wanted.

I don't know...it's nice just to do what I want and not follow a regimented schedule...although my brain knows that I should do that. Whoa. I need to do that now, just to get ready for St. George in time.

I have a 5K run on July 3 on Lopez Island. I am excited about that...I get to run with my youngest brother and his fam.

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  1. Love the picture...and is one of my favorite places...I was married there @ the temple... Glad u got experience a "little" SE Idaho wind...and beautiful scenery on your way home.