Friday, June 12, 2009

Da Report

I covered 14 miles, ran most of it. Stopped for bad blisters (the Pedicure doesn't feel so great in retrospect). Had the funny stuff again, very low blood pressure when I got home with fatigue and intermittent stabbing left arm pain.

I would be very, very surprised if I have coronary artery disease. Coronary artery spasms? Probably...and probably related to fibromuscular dysplasia, but not CAD. Anyways, on reporting my heart monitor, I ended up scheduled for a tilt table test and a heart cath..and now I am on a beta blocker...which I will be compliant with for about five minutes if I can't run.

The funny thing is, the heart stuff didn't start happening till I stopped for the blisters. I was actually slathering my feet in Aquaphor and gauze and getting ready to jump on the treadmill again to redeem my under-ran miles.

I would rather die than sit around slogged out on meds.
Slog: the state of fatigue and malaise and low brain activity/brain fog that exists when one is not living life to its fullest.
(and yes, I might have made that up)

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  1. Look at all the studying you'd get done for the LSAT if you aren't exercising??!!?? Okay, not funny as I understand fully. I'd be crawling outta my skin. Maybe the solution is to not stop running? Why the blisters? Was it wet outside? Ride the bike tomorrow and see if that produces any of these conditions. xo