Saturday, April 3, 2010

6 instead of 13

top rim of Bryce Canyon, 83++ feet – 6 mi

So, it was very cold and there was no oxygen and apparently I was at the wrong entrance. My idea was to run DOWN into the canyon. The first 3 miles were freezing and uphill and I couldn't find the oxygen. Apparently it is all down THERE in the canyon, which I never found. Finally fellow travelers had mercy and picked my frozen and breathless self up, very early. I was hoping the high altitude would give me a workout without the pounding of the distance...dunno if that worked. I hurt, a lot. Wondering if a hip problem precipitated the hernia? Something is going on, I think even in addition to the hernia. Hopefully the taper, (which I've accidentally started this week), will help in time for Boston

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  1. More rest is usually better I think. You didn't hurt your performance at all by starting your taper earlier.