Friday, April 9, 2010

TAPER! (not)

I got out there OUTSIDE, in full Boston attire. I think the shoes will work, though they have NO support, just bounce....really I think they will be better for me. A little too much compression on the bottoms, the top will work great, although it did not reveal great triceps. Oh yeah, I don't have great triceps.
A very hilly windy route, as per usual in Spokane. I did okay but it was harder than it should have been...I always have this funny autoimmune reaction after being out in the sun that really does me in. Ticks me off. No wonder I'm the treadmill queen. I've got to figure it out so I can run this summer. I'm just a basket of woes, huh? Counting down to Boston and I do NOT feel tapered tonight, but tired. Thinking of taking an ice bath, then treadmill tomorrow.


  1. Those are some crazy shoes....whoa! They're going to make you wicked fast. Well, that and all your incredible training. Run E, Run!!

  2. I had to do a doubletake on the shoes. I wasn't sure if they were real or not.

  3. I'm getting kind of excited about your Boston trip. Sure hope it goes well.

    As for me, I'm still wondering if those shoes are real or not.

  4. They are....they're called Reebok Zigtracks. A lot of runners are saying they are not for runners, are not running shoes, etc. The jury is still out with me. I've been trying very hard to give them a "run", literally, but it's hard to say. I am now looking for a pair of shoes I might have left in AZ. They have great inserts I could put in and then have just a tad bit more support with the I don't bounce into and through my arches.