Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Has anyone seen my 8:36???

And what about the other 22 miles? Here's what I wrote to Cheryl on Facebook about her worries about Boston:

If you die, I'll come walking along an hour or so later to lie down and die with you. :)
Here's what I wrote on DailyMile:

Sunny gorgeous AZ type day! 6 miles, 4 at MP, except I couldn't find MP....I was too fast, again. It wasn't that I wasn't trying. Many times I would look at my Garmin and it would say 09:00, so I would speed up to get to 8:36. My mile splits were between 8:15 and 8:20 and I was too out of breath, I couldn't have kept it up...but 8:36 just isn't comfortable for me. I can sustain 8:20s steady, but not keep them up for anything close to 26.2. Need pacer for Boston! Badly.

Also, I'm trying to peel the tint off the Infiniti windows so I can see out of them at night. The website makes it look really easy....but that's just to make you feel like a dork when you can't do it!


  1. You're gonna make yourself sick trying to maintain that exact pace, Miss E! I say run without the Garmin so you don't look at it 400 times/mile - I know I won't wear mine (But I never do)...I think that 8:30 will be there if ya just don't think about it.
    Do you leave Friday?? I forgot.

  2. Yes, I've been looking for you. I hope I still have your number in my iPhone somewhere. I'm an emotionally needy person tonight.

  3. I could help you with the pacing but unfortunately I won't be at BOS this year. Best of luck though.

  4. Best of luck to you--I hope it goes well! Is this your first Boston?