Tuesday, March 30, 2010

High school de ja vu

AZ! from house to trail, back and forth, back and forth – 8.66 mi

Very tight sore calves today, even after taking yesterday off. Basically this was a 3 X 1 mile repeats run. I was supposed to run the in .5 mile betweens faster and the last 3 miles recovery slower but I honestly didn't remember it right....and I don't know if I could have ran the recovery halfs faster anyway....this was hard for me! I was so intimidated by it. I hadn't seen a workout like this since high school. It would be easy for me on the treadmill but I needed the confidence of doing it outside. Did the first repeat in 7:34, the second in 7:49, and the third in 7:40. On the second repeat I actually jogged in the middle, intending to give up after half a mile. But after a hundred yards of jogging I thought, "I am way ahead of pace, maybe I can still make it", so I kicked it in and made it. I have to wonder if I could have done the recovery's faster...I was definitely in some oxygen debt though. At least I was strict about only recovering for exactly .5 mile, no longer. I ran 3.66 home to finish out...I kept having to slow myself down and inched up in speed. Overall, this was new for me, but a confidence builder, especially that I recovered as well and as fast as I did....I honestly didn't know if I could do it.


  1. Good run, looks like you are dialing it in for Boston. If you can run 7:30 to 7:40 repeats you should be able to run 8:30s in the real thing.

  2. 8:36....and I am sooooo lacking in confidence, wow

  3. Isn't speedwork great? Hurts but it does its job.