Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please come to Boston in the springtime

Although I am currently under the effects of narcotics, I will attempt a race report. I feel so grateful for all your support! I feel so grateful to run the Boston marathon. I feel relieved my time was not nearly as bad as last year.
I went in with a hernia, exacerbated geatly by the plane ride...sitting is the worst, walking is next, running the least painful. I figured I need surgery anyway, why not run the marathon. I probably should have pulled out. I have at least one new hernia...the good news is the doctor that checked me out told me I did not manage to strangulate, which would have required immediate hospitalization and surgery.
I am not ashamed about my time, even tho it was much worse than I was shooting for. The location of one of the hernias really impaired my style. At one point an unsuspecting kindly gentleman handed me a ziplock sandwich bag full of ice, which I promptly stuck down the front of my compression shorts, in full view of all spectators and cameras alike.
I had put a topical medicine on and greatly enjoyed my first miles of speed before it wore off, before I widened the hernias...I really hate slow miles, really, really. I would have walked but that was even more painful. There was one more ice in the pants scene about 6 miles later. I really saw that ice as a tender mercy. Although it didn't help my speed, it was so nice!
Again, the little kids with the high fives and orange slices were especially delightful. Oh, and it was so absolutely gorgeous. I don't know. The whole race, even though I was hurting for 2/3 of the time, was a spiritual experience, a gratitude experience. Maybe pain heightens awareness.
I had oversalted my drinks so I was very appreciative of spectator offerings. However, as I grabbed one of the cups I realized, almost too late, it was beer. Pretty funny! I ended up dumping it all over myself and crossing the finish line, unable to walk straight and smelling the part.
I saw a pretty scary sight as one runner was down, eyes looked dead. On the news they said they were able to revive him later, but it really scared me.
I felt your prayers, good vibes, and support. I needed them! I needed this.
Thank you!


  1. Great job on the marathon. I think they are always something to be celebrated.

    I've done the ice baths (my kids love making them for me) but never the ice down the pants during a race. Talk about shrinkage!

  2. Yay here you are!: )
    The hernia sounds awful but it sounds like you hung in there--congrats! I'm so sorry we lost you when we got to the Village! No worries about the sunscreen, I was spared any neck burnage!
    I agree pain must bring out awareness, gratitude, something. I was weary and teary in those last agonizing miles.

  3. Good report Elaine, and good picture. Who are they?

  4. What a good looking bunch :). I'm thinking the beer may have helped abate the pain?? That's my next plan of attack. Great to see you, E, as always. Miss you!