Thursday, March 18, 2010

The kinesio tape my chiropractor applied for my Achilles hurt more for the first hours but helped a lot by morning and I didn't have any pain while running...I think it really improved circulation and healing

It was so nice to be outside in the beautiful sunshine the day after St. Patrick's Day. True to form, I wore lots of green and even drank green PowerAde, a day late. It was so gorgeous, perfect running weather. However, I died legs weren't quite dead, but close. The run was way harder than it should have been on this my "easy" week. I ran to Liberty Lake from my house, finished the 12 early...walked some after the tempo 9...Scheduled, a 12 mile run, with 9 at 8:46 pace. My coach will think I am pushing it, and it truly looks like I was shooting for 8:36, but honestly I just still can't find that pace. Every time I looked down I was either around 8:20 or 9:05....I struggled a lot to find 8:46. Finally started to hit it closer in the last 3 miles, when I was SOOOOO tired.
1) 8:31
2) 8:39
3) 8:38
4) 8:38
5) 8:40
6) 8:44
7) 8:37
8) 8:35
9) 8:36
So, closer than I usually do. I really, really hope the tapering before Boston gives me my legs back. I am way too tired.

This is the cute welcoming sign at my friend's house. She drove me up my hill!


  1. I've never bought into the kinesio tape thing. It really works?

  2. I do think it's helping. It definitely was sore and warm for the first 6 or 7 hours after they put it on, indicating (to me), more circulation. And the next morning it felt much better and has felt better than usual after a hard run.

  3. I'm just a dumb redneck, but what is the issue with pushing it? Don't you get better the harder you run, as long as you are doing a hard run anyway? Or is he afraid you will get hurt or not recover in time for your next run?

    BTW, do you know why all finish lines seem to have two mats on them? Nobody seems to know. I hate running the last 10 yards to the second mat.

  4. Hey "dumb redneck"... yes. He is afraid I will get injured and be too tired for my next run...which has happened a lot. I am always training right to the edge of injury. Speed equals injury for me...and I love speed, even though I'm not supposed to. :/

    And I don't know why they have two mats...I'm glad they do though because I'm always worried I will somehow leap over one and miss it completely and then they won't have my time....such a nightmare