Saturday, March 20, 2010

family outing

I know I was slow, but I was freaked out about how tired I got from Thursday and decided to just run how I wanted. It is impossible in Spokane to run on the flat for 13 miles and I picked a very mountainous course...but I was born to run hills, methinks. I am very slow but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the top. So fun today as I made my husband and two boys come on their bikes and I saw them randomly while I was running. One time I called my husband and yelled, "Where are you?" He said he had turned around...I said, "Why?!?!" Then I made him wait there with my boys until I got there. When I got there he asked me what I needed and I said, nothing. I just wanted to say "hi". What does this make me.....I like fans, especially family fans. Anyway, it was a good run. I got very tired running up the last hill to my house, my quads burned and I was about 14 min/mile at that point. But then it went downhill just a bit. I turned around and sprinted 50 yards uphill at the end just to see if I could do it. 5:50/mile pace, according to the Garmin. I know. The rest was pretty slow, except for the downhills. Overall, a good run and very fun in the sun! I enjoyed my ice bath. Did you know you can shave your legs in an ice bath and get a really close shave?

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  1. somehow i don't see my family all turning out for a long run -- you've got quite the operation going there