Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running Resumed

Well, kind of.

I ran 2.3 miles on Saturday and 1.8 miles yesterday. I had hip pain towards the end of both runs. I'll try again on Saturday. The physical therapy helped a lot, but only as long as I don't run.

I've gained weight and lost conditioning, so I guess that makes it even Stephen


  1. What on earth did you do to your hip? I thought it was sore muscles from running too long on a lopsided track...I am so sorry! My hips used to hurt constantly so I didn't run. Finally I realized they weren't hurting any more on days I ran than when I didn't, so I started running. They recently started hurting a lot more though, anything over 10 miles and they hurt way too much. I would recommend you don't have any more children Stephen.

  2. OK, but are grandchildren allowed? Cindy is pregnant with her third now.

    I didn't really want to stop running. But running consistently makes it worse. Any ideas would be appreciated. The physical therapist diagnosed it as ITB syndrome.

  3. That's what Nate has, but in his knee. This is all weird to me. The iliotibial band runs from the hip to the knee; the pain typically manifests itself in the knee, at least as far as I have heard. So yours is u-knee-q. You guys need to take more fish oil, do more stretching (but don't stretch until you have jogged a bit), and be as patient as.....Mark.
    As for me I am sitting here with kinesio tape from my toes up the back of my calves. It looks really cool. Hopefully it will help my Achilles. Either way I have to go now and run. Did I mention "now"? I'm feeling a little lazy...will report back soon....but typing is so much easier....

  4. I'm telling you, if it's ITB they say you won't hurt yourself by running with it. Just run until the pain reaches a certain reasonable level then stop (whether that is 0.1, 1.0 or 10), wait two days and do it again. That's how I got past mine last summer -- one day when it started hurting at 10 miles I kept pushing just a little bit, it didn't get any worse then went away at 16 and never came back. Would probably still have it if it weren't for that run. But you have to be sure it is ITB, otherwise you might be doing some damage.

  5. Perhaps I have been a little too tentative. My last too short, slow runs have hurt just in front and not in the hip at all. Perhaps I should get a second opinion on what the injury is. Isolating where it hurts has been the most frustrating part from the beginning.