Saturday, March 13, 2010

What I do on Saturdays

24th to H27 to Mission to Argonne to top of hill heading out to Mt. Spokane...and back – 22 mi / 03:22 09:10 pace

Messed around all morning worrying about the weather and whether or not I should go to a women's conference....I opted to go on the long run and skip the conference, hoping for more time with my boys that way. By the time I get back, take all the supplements, take a shower and ice bath, eat as much and as frequently as I can, take the car in, and spend a gift card at the mall, the day is gone, gone, gone.
It turns out I dressed just right, with my tights, UnderArmour and StG marathon shirt, cheap black gloves, and head band. And of course the obligatory Fuel Belt, with 2 10 oz and 2 8 oz bottles...I dutifully held back, hard, the first 5-7 miles, even though they were downhill. I am trying so hard to be good!
1) 9:36
2) 9:24
3) 9:01
4) 9:17
5) 9:27
6) 9:23
7) 9:03
Then I got to an uphill
8) 9:59
9) 10:48
10) 8:33 (lots of this mile was in the 7:15s, I was very, very happy on the just wet enough roadside, lots of cushion and bounce so FREE flying with NO knee pain....Have you ever noticed the traffic gives you less room the faster you go? Ponder that....maybe I don't look as wimpy when I am going faster?)
The next miles were semi-boring. I started having the hip/pelvis pain right on schedule. It hurt the most when I stopped for drink refills (yes, I ran out....thinking I didn't hydrate enough yesterday...and yes, I stopped my watch during the QuickStop break, which is cheating, I know).
However, I did get more speed than I expected the last five miles...I was H.U.R.T.I.N.G.....but still strangely happy to be running and closing in on the end. I love that feeling!
Here are the rest of my splits
11) 8:59
12) 9:07
13) 9:53
14) 9:21
15) 9:08
16) 9:25
17) 9:20
18) 9:38
19) 9:07
20) 8:22

I stopped and restarted the Garmin after this (my workout was to be 20 miles), and it freaked out. I think the next two miles were about 14 min/mile, ha. Yet it told me I was going 38.6 mph. I don't think so! I called husband to come and get me because I felt a sharp pain in my left lower soleus area and was worried I was about to pull something...Anyways, that's my run. I now have my Achilles on ice...just being careful though. They don't hurt much. I'm actually thinking I have an inguinal hernia, isn't that thrilling. I thought only guys got that....and would this mess up my whole left side?


  1. You gonna make me get out a dictionary? I know what an Achilles is. These are great splits, very consistent then accelerating at the end. Heck of a hill. By the way, I assume your coach picked this speed, but what is his theory? It is your in-between speed, no?

  2. Wow, that is a big time run; wicked long.

  3. yup, it's supposed to be my in-between speed, but honestly, I'm not sure I could have gone faster's scary training this way. Your way makes more sense.

  4. I can't run 22 miles at that're doing awesome, E! A few days extra rest got your legs feeling great, it appears! Very happy for ya!!! :)

  5. I now dub you and Mark real runners. No casual runner will ever again compete with you. Can I get your autographs?

  6. Sure Stephen, if you keep promising to go the wrong route every time I race you...that way I can keep convincing you I "would have beat you"

  7. That was a long run! I'm thinking of trying a 22 miler soon, too. Hope you're all better today!