Friday, March 26, 2010

lastest longest runnest before Boston

21.55 mi / 03:20 09:16 pace

I had a wonderful friend who biked with me and carried my drinks. She is a runner was awesome, she chattered along, especially at the end when I was ready to kill her but it got my mind off any pain or fatigue so I could keep up the pace, somewhat.
It was a long run for me; I definitely struggled after mile 16, but made it, managing to eek out a faster mile for the last mile, but not for all of the last five. Left calf started threatening on and off after mile 11. Both achilles ached at first but were fine after 7 miles.
Here are the splits for Coach D:
1) 9:49
2) 9:14
3) 9:18
4) 9:15
5) 9:31
6) 9:17
7) 9:03
8) 8:55
9) 8:53
10) 9:17
11) 9:18
12) 9:00
13) 9:03
14) 9:24
15) 9:44
16) 9:29
17) 9:44 :(
18) 9:11
19) 9:38
20) 9:17
21) 8:31 (okay, but I was hoping for 8:20)
last 31.42 feet 6:38 per mile
Stretched a lot and worked core a little, took cold bath, no ice...although I am needing ice now, finally. The ground has warmed up enough that the water isn't quite as cold. Cold enough now. My legs are still cold two hours later.


  1. OK, so this is your final goal long run before Boston? Can you explain the theory? You are hoping to run 3:40 at Boston, correct? So why is he saying that if you run 20 miles a minute per mile slower then you will be there? Must be something about the speed work in between? I am not doubting, just trying to understand the theory. I am a sponge.

  2. Dearest sponge,
    My goal is in your inbox...3:44:59....which is very fast for Boston. If I can do that I will be very confident of achieving a 3:33:33 in a race like St. George.
    I just asked my coach the same exact question. He said with the taper and the atmosphere at Boston and the cumulative training, he feels I am on track.
    As per you, I don't think you give enough credence to the whole taper thing, unless you've changed since the St. George marathon. I really do run a lot faster if I significantly reduce my mileage (as in do not run 10 fast miles the day before the marathon!). Many say you can not run at all the last 3 weeks and it will give you a great race.
    I actually want to taper more than he has me scheduled for....
    And yes, I think it's a lot about the work in between. I did some pretty significant speed work this week on Tuesday and it is a high mileage week for me, 50 miles.
    The real proof will come at Boston. If I have a good day and can't beat 4:00, I will go for your training schedule. I'm about to anyway. It's working wonders for you.

  3. Great run, you seem to be getting in some good miles. And yes, long runs are for slow running. Other runs are for speed. Tapering and race atmosphere should bring them both together for a fast race. That's the theory anyway.

  4. The taper is another thing. I did a full taper for St. George as I recall, but only about a week for Kingwood. I ran Kingwood 45 minutes faster but I don't think it had much to do with the taper either way. I was just in better shape, and Kingwood wasn't important enough to justify taking 3 weeks off. I don't have much data on it either way, so would be very interested to get your opinion on taking a full taper for Boston after working very hard right up until then. St. George this year is going to be a goal race barring unforseen circumstances, so the taper is one of the things I hope to get right.