Tuesday, May 11, 2010

finally a speedy pain free day

8 miles in 58:45. If I could keep up this pace every day, (7:20), I would be ready to call this running fetish done for now! Downhill on treadmill, it was definitely one of those rare easy fast days. Loving that! Hernia really didn't hurt, and it is an inguinal hernia, (had ultrasound this afternoon), at least one of them. The others are possibly sports hernias but not protruding out past the abdominal wall yet. This is good news. I still have the problem of running down the cause and doing strengthening so it won't happen again. I wouldn't mind some sort of rehab, since I obviously fail in my own attempts to get a core of some sort.

The doctor will call, sounds like they may put a little mesh in there. It is reducible, which explains why it hurts so MUCH more sometimes than others.


  1. Ouch! sorry to hear this news. Keep the faith though. Great pace!